Stay tuned… (?)

It seems it is becoming increasingly difficult to not run afoul of Big Techs SJW thought police.

Twetter just sent me to the penalty box for some fairly inocuous twits criticizing the WEF covid-19 narrative and the unfortunate, and quite obviously unconstitutional and lawless decision by the Dutch government to require a covid green pass for entry to restaurants, bars, theaters and museums.

It may be time to revive this blog from its slumber…

UPDATE001: It’s even worse. I got benched for retwitting, not even for something I wrote myself…

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Done tolerating

Don't tread on me!

The point of this post can be found here and here.

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QotD: Bussemaker is a statist witch

“Women should get rid of that eternal guilt over their family. Rather they should feel guilty over the fact the government has invested so much in [their education]”

Education Minister Jet Bussemaker (Labour, of course) on women choosing to raise a family (NL) and not work full time. What a hideous creature she turns out to be.

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Fjordman File updates

[10 – 4] On FrontPage Mag: Academics or Agitprop Artists?

Mr. Enebakk and too many others like him in this manner take the partisan ideological statements of decidedly left-wing organizations at face value and treat them as the Gospel Truth. At the same time, they casually dismiss conservative viewpoints simply as unfounded and irrational “hate.” Enebakk has done virtually nothing to check if some of the statements made by these “Islamophobes” are actually correct, a behavior that violates the most fundamental principles of genuine research and critical investigation.

What we see here is classic agitprop, or agitation propaganda directed against ideological opponents. This kind of aggressive character assassination unfortunately has long traditions among left-wing activists, dating back at least to the Bolsheviks and the Soviet Union.

[ 8 – 4] On Gates of Vienna: Two Terrorists and a Double Standard.

Breivik’s sister and other family members were horrified by his terror attacks, which they had nothing to do with. Mohammed Merah’s sister is on the record as praising her brother for his mass murder, and one of his brothers has been charged with actively aiding these murderous attacks. Except for some extremely marginal figures, no one on the “right wing” in Europe has supported Breivik’s terror attacks. Mohammed Merah has become a hero for an alarming number of young Muslims in Europe because of his terror attacks.

Immediately after his identity became known, many Western mass media claimed that Breivik’s terror attacks were ideologically motivated by anti-Islamic writings. Immediately after his identity became known, many Western mass media claimed that Merah’s terror attacks were not ideologically motivated and had nothing whatsoever to do with Islam or Islamic writings. In other words: Terrorism has nothing to do with being Islamic, but a great deal to do with being anti-Islamic.

After his attacks, the media indicated that while Breivik may have carried out his attacks alone, he was sane and came from a big flock of supporters. The same people indicated that Merah was a lone wolf and possibly insane. Yet years later, the police have found to trace of Breivik’s alleged “flock,” whereas Merah probably did come from a flock of supporters, and may have been aided by others in an organized manner prior to his attacks.

The very different treatments these two terrorists have received reveal a sometimes staggering double standard in the mass media and academia, not just in one nation but in multiple Western countries on both sides of the Atlantic.

[ 2 – 4] On FrontPage Mag: Importing Islamic Nightmares — While Denying Them

Gang rapes and certain other types of violent crime were exceedingly rare in the Nordic countries a few decades ago, but are currently in the process of becoming routine. In Trondheim, Norway, on the 28th of May 2011, a young girl named Eva Helgetun took her own life. She was just 14 years old, and had been gang-raped by immigrants a few weeks before. Too many others share her fate.

In the 1960s when the so-called Second Wave of Feminism began, often with strong Marxist inspirations, Western women were relatively safe compared to women in other parts of the world. Half a century later, Western women have never had more Feminism, yet they and their children have also never been less safe.

Perhaps pointing out this fact constitutes “hate” in the eyes of some people, but that doesn’t make it any less true.

Academics or Agitprop Artists?
Two Terrorists and a Double Standard
Importing Islamic Nightmares — While Denying Them
Is Anders Behring Breivik the Nordic Che Guevara?
Irrational Fear of Islam?
Muslim ‘Offenses’ Are About Power, Not Words
Why Islam Does Not Belong in the Western World
Inside the Brussels Conference on Free Speech and Human Rights
The Price of European Immigration
The Bias and Dishonesty of Wikipedia

More Fjordman Files here.

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Ceci n’est pas une tiranny

From Die Deutsche Wirtschaft Nachrichten we get this cheerful news: EU wants to regulate cultivation of fruit and vegetables in gardens

The European Commission wants to impose on farmers and gardeners in the future the use of unit seed. Old and rare species have little chance of an approval, its cultivation is punishable by law – even if it takes place in the private garden.

The European Commission is working on a revision of the European seed market in the form of a regulation. Thus, a decision of the European Court is legalized in July 2012: Farmers are allowed to sell only officially authorized seed. So far, old and rare seed varieties were excluded that were grown in long standing economic and exchange traded, usually in small quantities. If it goes to the Commission’s plans, small farmers or individuals may not even give away their homegrown seeds in the future. (…)

Beneficiaries of the normalization are the just those food-companies that already split the bulk of the seed market among themselves. For years, the lobby of the agricultural industry in Brussels has been working for a further step in the direction of [a] seed cartel. Objective is to control the entire food production by a few large corporations. Already, smaller competitors are forced by Monsanto and Co to exclusively buy their seed. In the future, they would also face administrative penalties. (…)

If Parliament were to wave through the regulation, even private citizens can no longer distribute their fruit and vegetable products, if they do not meet the Wishes of Monsanto EU standards.

The article notes rather testily that ‘It is indicative of the lack of democratic legitimacy of the EU that such fundamental decisions are taken, without the citizens being given notice on any of it’. Once the Regulation is adopted, food companies like Monsanto are in the right and citizens are on the defensive and will have the greatest difficulty in undoing the legal regulations.

Actually, calling this regulation an indication of ‘lack of democratic legitimacy’ is a rather weak indictment, methinks. This is malignant corporatist lunacy. But we mustn’t call the EUnion a tyranny in the making. That would be, you know, extreme…

Can we leave now?

(The translation above contains some ‘augmentations’ of the rather clunky google-translation of the original item)

[UPDATE001] I asked the good Dr. North about this and he pointed me to this.

[T]he Commission is currently concluding the review of the EU legislation on marketing seed and plant propagating material, including rules on conservation and amateur vegetable varieties. The review acknowledges the room for improving the legislation as regards these varieties. This legislation is distinct from Directive 98/44/EC on the legal protection of biotechnological inventions(1), which sets rules regarding the patentability of biological material, not the marketing thereof.

Taken at face value this makes the DWN story sound a tad hysterical. Still, we’ve seen obfuscation by the EUnonistas before, haven’t we? I’ll keep an eye on this one.

For those of you who prefer more pre-emptive actions here are two links for you: and Monsanto vs. Mother Earth.

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State of play

Just coming out of my hole in the ground to point out a quote that should be obvious now, but nevertheless needs spreading far and wide. This is what the Euro-Cyprus brouhaha is telling us:

The EU has managed to make it quite clear to every European that the ‘technocrats’ are quite willing to seize people’s money whenever they think it ‘best’. Best for whom of course is another question.

They have made it clear there is no law that restrains them. Technocrats rule. Not govern, rule.

Remember this: No matter what the MSM is trying to tell you, this is not about Russian ‘dirty’ money. This is not about banks. This is about your government, the one in Brussels, signalling to you it considers your money their money, to be used as they see fit. The mask has finally dropped on the totalitarian scum that presume to lord over us.

As of this week the deposit guarantee so touted by the EUnion and local governments, is dead. Just dead. All good advice about putting your money in a mattress being ill-considered not-withstanding, I’ve made arrangements to get my money out of the system. Shame about the interest, but that doesn’t even cover inflation anyways. I’m done. I’m not playing along anymore.

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Overdracht nieuwe bevoegdheden aan EU
mag niet zonder referendum!

In 2005 stemde ruim 61% van de Nederlandse bevolking tegen de Europese Grondwet. Toch is de macht van de EU sindsdien sterk toegenomen. Ook de eurocrisis leidt weer tot ingrijpende machtsoverdracht van Nederland aan de EU, onder meer op het gebied van begroting en budget.

Op nationaal niveau blijft steeds minder politieke zeggenschap over. De democratie raakt steeds verder uitgehold.

Dit kan niet zonder uitdrukkelijke instemming van de bevolking.

In de krachtigste bewoordingen roepen wij Parlement en Regering op om gehoor te geven aan onze wens,

  1. dat de sluipende overdracht van bevoegdheden aan de EU stopt.
  2. dat indien toch nieuwe bevoegdheden worden overgedragen, een referendum wordt gehouden waarin de Nederlandse bevolking zich over die bevoegdheidsoverdracht kan uitspreken.


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I’m done

The lack of updates may have given my readers (all three of you) a clue, but this makes it official: KV is over. Recent events, most notably the re-election of the Obama, have convinced me the world is moving in a direction where my blogging is of no use.

That is not to say blogging in general is useless. Far from it. There is a plethora of blogs out there (see the right-side column), that provide anyone looking for it with news that matters, news the EUro MSM will not touch, news that will make one infinitely better informed than your average euro-serf.

I am, however, not one of those quality members. I have not the time or the attention, as matters in my personal life demand my energies.

It has been fun, but this is where it ends. Thank you all for the feedback and encouragement. Don’t give up the good fight. I won’t. I may stop blogging, but there are other means at ones disposal. Down in the underground, as one D. Bowie would have it.

Cheers all. See you on the other side.

KV out.

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Total subjugation

Watch the entire sequence. In just 3 minutes and 31 seconds Farage paints a stark picture of the predicament we, in this part of the world, find ourselves in. Van Rompuy c.s. are using the euro crisis and subsequent bail-outs to bring about the “total subjugation of the states to a completely undemocratic structure in Brussels.”

One can only agree with Mr. Farage when he says: “The euro-zone is in a very dark place; economically, socially, and politically.” That means us, you know?

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About that Nobel peace price

The EUnion today was awarded the Nobel peace price. Just like Yasser Arafat and Al Gore before them (ooh, and don’t forget the Obama). It is beyond parody.

But instead of going off into another tiresome rant, I am going to quote Dr. North, who says all that needs to be said:

How the Nobel Committee could possibly applaud this inherently anti-democratic construct for its “advancement of … democracy” is quite beyond me, but then, for a committee that awarded the peace prize to the IPCC in 2007, anything is possible.

But make no mistake. Thes people have set back the cause of peace and democracy by decades. The one hope we have of avoiding turmoil and civil war in Europe is of dismantling peacefully, the EU construct, and replacing it with something closer to democracies.

The malign, stupid fools of the Nobel Peace committee have just made that task immeasurably harder.

And that is all there is to it.

[UPDATE001] Except maybe this: It seems there was some foul play in awarding the prize. There was one member of the Nobel committee, Ågot Valle, who would have voted down awarding the prize to the EUnion, has she been present at the vote: Valle is the former deputy leader of the “No to EU” campaign.

Mysteriously, though, it just happened that when that Thorbjørn Jagland [head of the prize committee] decided to call for the final vote on this year’s winner, Valle was off sick, replaced by former Oslo Bishop Gunnar Stålsett, as her deputy.

Valle says she would have welcomed being called to make her vote, and says she would not have supported the EU if she had sat on the committee – but she wasn’t asked to attend.

Mr. Jagland, coincidentally, also happens to be the Secretary General of the Council of Europe. I think it is now safe to say that the Nobel peace prize is a worthless, meaningless sham.

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