Plakkaat van Verlatinghe/Oath of Abjuration
Wikipedia entry

Dutch News
(Dutch unless otherwise stated)
Dutch News (EN)
Expatica (EN)
NIS news (EN)
NOS Nieuws
NOS Teletekst
Radio Netherlands (EN)

Dutch Newspapers
(Dutch unless otherwise stated)
Algemeen Dagblad
Nederlands Dagblad

Reformatorisch Dagblad
de Telegraaf
de Volkskrant

Dutch Miscellaneous
(Dutch unless otherwise stated)
The Downfall of the Netherlands – Mohammed Rasoel, 1990 (EN)
De ondergang van Nederland – Mohammed Rasoel, 1990 (PDF)

Islam and Jihad
The Koran
Blogging the Quran – Robert Spencer

Sunnah and Hadith

Prophet of Doom
What Americans Need To Know About Jihad – Robert Spencer (pdf)
Everything you need to know about islam
Obsession – Internet edition of the acclaimed Wayne Kopping/Raphael Shore documentary (1:18 hours)
Cardinal George Pell – Islam and Western Democracies
Palestinian Media Watch
The Time Traveller – Dan Simmons
The Anti-Jihadi creed
Amsterdam 2012 – A blog novel

The Project
The (Muslim Brotherhood) Project (wikipedia)
The Project – Frontpage Mag- Introduction
The Project – Frontpage Mag- Translated text
The Manchester Document
The Al-Qaeda Playbook
Thesis: Radicalisation of Immigrants in Europe

Islamization of Europe and Policies to Prevent It

Part 1: A theory of the Islamization process in European countries
Part 2: A Theory of Policies and Laws That Prevents Islamization of a Country – An Integrated Approach
Part 3: Reformation of Islam and Various Law and Policy Issues
Part 4: Policy Area 4: Religious Freedom And Its Limits
Part 5: Policy Area 5: Human Rights Issues
Part 6: Policy Area 6: The Policy Of Assimilation or Integration?
Part 7: Policy Area 12: Foreign Policy, Part A
Part 8: Policy Area 12: Foreign Policy, Part B
Part 9: Policy Area 12: Security Policy, Part C
Part 10: Policy Area 8: Rules for Visas, Immigration and Citizenship
Part 11: Policy Area 5.1: National Identity and Culture

The horses mouth
Straight from the horses mouth
Mullah Krekar: We’re the ones who will change you
Straight from the horses mouth – part III
Ahmadinejad – Der Spiegel interview
Straight from the horses mouth – part IV
Straight from the horses mouth – part V
Straight from the horses mouth – part VI
Straight from the horses mouth – part VII
Straight from the horses mouth – part VIII
Straight from the horses mouth – part IX
Straight from the horses mouth – part X

Marxism – Cultural and otherwise
The Origins of Political Correctness
Political Correctness: A Short History of an Ideology
Political Correctness — The Revenge of Marxism
George Orwell – Pacifism and the War

EU related
A European Declaration of Independence (Fjordman)

EU Constitution
EU Constitution analysis (EU Referendeum)
EU Constitution Summit analysis (pdf)
EU Directives Digest

2006 EU Amending Treaty (EN)
2006 EU Amending Treaty analysis (EU Referendum)
2006 EU Amending Treaty analysis (Open Europe; pdf)

2008 Consolidated text of the Lisbon Treaty
2008 Geconsolideerde versie van het Lissabon Verdrag (NL)

Roman Herzog on the EU: It cannot go on like this (pdf)
Freedom in Jeopardy, by D. Andrews
No Mean NO! Essays on the EUnion

European Parliament resolution of 13 December 2007 on combating the rise of extremism in Europe
Abstract from the Barcelona – Euro Mediterranean Declaration of 1995
Uit de Barcelona-Verklaring van 1995
Eurabia: The Planned Islamization of Europe

Eye on the UN
The UN is Evil

Global Warming at a Glance

Current Arctic Sea Ice Extent
Arctic Sea Ice Anomaly Tape

Real Time Sunspot Activity
Historic Sunspot Activity
Read the Sunspots!

The Great Global Warming Swindle (on YouTube):

Miscellaneous stuff
The Truth Wears Off
Joe Jackson on smoking (pdf)
Smoking out the facts
Thirdhand smoke fever – another example of prejudice and propaganda
Philosophy of Freedom (Flash presentation)
Boétie – De Vrijwillige Slavernij
Pamela Hemelrijk – Flatgebouw Nederland
Pamela Hemelrijk – Anti-socialistisch manifest

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