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Burgerforum: Overdracht nieuwe bevoegdheden aan EU mag niet zonder referendum! In 2005 stemde ruim 61% van de Nederlandse bevolking tegen de Europese Grondwet. Toch is de macht van de EU sindsdien sterk toegenomen. Ook de eurocrisis leidt weer tot ingrijpende … Continue reading

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Dutch disease

In the UK Telegraph Ambrose Evans-Pritchard does the Netherlands in a way we don’t hear even from our own commentators: As if matters were not bad enough already in Euroland: Dutch retail sales collapsed by 11pc in April, even worse … Continue reading

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Out of time

After yesterdays tantrum by yours truly, it emerged today that our intrepid PM, Mark Rutte, came out solidly against introduction of eurobonds in the short term (NL): Caretaker prime-minister Mark Rutted (VVD) thinks that European bondscould be an option five … Continue reading

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A set up

Yesterday news broke about the all new EUnion ‘master plan’ to safe the eurozone, by endowing the EUnion with all the powers of statehood, at the cost of what once were sovereign nations. And today we read 1) that state-secretary … Continue reading

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This week saw the ruling in the case brought by Geert Wilders against the state (see here and here for a flashback). Arguments were heard on Tuesday. The ruling was issued yesterday. It all went down predictable paths, with a … Continue reading

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A convenient list

Once again in our ‘representative democracy’ we find parliament and the Dutch people diametrically opposed to one another. Tonight the plenary session of Second Chamber on ratification of the ESM started. Rather belatedly, because the PVV filed again for a … Continue reading

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Some ‘splaining please

Over on WUWT last week Frank Lansner took a closer look at temperature records from the Netherlands versus the ‘official’ temperature record put out by our own intrepid KNMI. What he found was that the official KNMI record (CNT KNMI … Continue reading

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It looks like Twitter is the front in the Second Dutch Revolt. This time against the EUnion and specifically against the ESM and the cack-handed way in which our political ‘betters’ are trying to run this through parliament. Finally, at … Continue reading

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ESM debate to be postponed?

Breaking news from DDS: Procedure on ESM not (yet) postponed (NL). The parliamentary commission Finances states: Procedure postponed until a time to be determined. No argument has been given, but literally they say: Parliamentary involvement with EFSF/ESM decision (postponed until … Continue reading

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The future belongs to the Bible belt

From DutchNews.nl: More parents don’t get married Children under the age of five are increasingly likely to live in a household where the parents are not married, the national statistics office CBS said on Monday. Last year, 25% of families … Continue reading

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