QotD: Bussemaker is a statist witch

“Women should get rid of that eternal guilt over their family. Rather they should feel guilty over the fact the government has invested so much in [their education]”

Education Minister Jet Bussemaker (Labour, of course) on women choosing to raise a family (NL) and not work full time. What a hideous creature she turns out to be.

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3 Responses to QotD: Bussemaker is a statist witch

  1. DP111 says:

    Bussmaker is yet another politician who is not good at anything productive. Unable to get a proper job, she became a Labour party member, and got a plush job for being a loyal party hack.

  2. DP111 says:

    Perils of the executive woman

    Sylvia Ann Hewlett is an economist and lecturer. Back in 2001 she wrote a piece for the Harvard Business School on the failure of career women to marry and have children. The statistics she provides in the article are eye-opening.

    According to Sylvia Ann Hewlett’s research 50% of the top earning women never had children, despite nearly 90% wanting to. (The actual statistic: 49% of women aged 41 to 55 earning $100,000 per year in 2001 were childless.)


    This site is very good in analysing the effects of the effect feminism has had on society, and the trail of devastation on women.

    Many professional women would like to marry and have children but have left it too late. They cant find appropriate men, or the biological boat has left.

  3. wimdevriend says:

    The fact that in American colleges today 60% of the students are female doesn’t prove much except that they’ve been sold a bill of goods. You can’t really blame the the men for passing up the chance to rack up debt in order to study grievance ideologies that have little potential of paying off, when they can opt for real work, in jobs that build the country. And that’s without counting the chance that some hysterical female will accuse them of an imaginary sexual offense, and drag him before a college kangaroo court.
    In the meantime, it has been noted, cities are accumulating hordes of dried-up elderly single women who wanted a ‘career’ – and got it good and hard.

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