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Fjordman File updates

[10 – 4] On FrontPage Mag: Academics or Agitprop Artists? Mr. Enebakk and too many others like him in this manner take the partisan ideological statements of decidedly left-wing organizations at face value and treat them as the Gospel Truth. … Continue reading

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Gates of Vienna asks the question: How Does a Totalitarian Democracy Avoid Responsibility? The answer: They scapegoat. In this case this is about Norway trying to come to terms with the Breivik atrocity, while simultaneously avoiding the awkward questions it … Continue reading

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I am Fjordman says Peder Jensen

Breaking news: Fjordman has given up his alias; his real name is Peder Jensen (36). He has given an interview in newspaper that, with his agreement, also published a photo of him. The decision to go public with his … Continue reading

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Fjordman File updates

[ 2 – 4] On Gates of Vienna: Preparing for Ragnarök. While Ragnarök is the end of the world as we know it, it is not “the end of history” in the Judeo-Christian sense. A new world will arise from … Continue reading

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Fjordman has moved

You may have noticed there is a link to the Fjordman Files in the new pages header of the sparkly new KV lay out. I’ve moved the entire FF archive to its own dedicated page. The old link is now … Continue reading

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Fjordman — November updates

[28 – 11] On Gates of Vienna: A History of Geology and Planetary Science – complete[25 – 11] On Brussels Journal: Astronomy in Prehistoric Europe. [23 – 11] Two FFs today. First, A tentative piece as preparation for a more … Continue reading

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Fjordman — October updates

[26 – 10] On Brussels Journal the start of a new ‘European Achievements’ series: A History of Geology and Planetary Science – Part 1[22 – 10] On Brussels Journal: A History of Algebra If the level of knowledge was comparable … Continue reading

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