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Burgerforum: Overdracht nieuwe bevoegdheden aan EU mag niet zonder referendum! In 2005 stemde ruim 61% van de Nederlandse bevolking tegen de Europese Grondwet. Toch is de macht van de EU sindsdien sterk toegenomen. Ook de eurocrisis leidt weer tot ingrijpende … Continue reading

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Mad scramble

Christopher Booker writes his latest on: The EU’s ‘beneficial crisis’ has spun out of control. [A]mid the present shambles, we hear distracted voices calling for “more Europe” – more powers for Brussels, a new treaty – but the truth is … Continue reading

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A convenient list

Once again in our ‘representative democracy’ we find parliament and the Dutch people diametrically opposed to one another. Tonight the plenary session of Second Chamber on ratification of the ESM started. Rather belatedly, because the PVV filed again for a … Continue reading

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Why again?

File this under ‘You can’t make this sh.t up’: Suma Chakrabarti, the president-elect of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, champions democracy according to Reuters. Does he mean the sovereign right of EU member state citizens to vote their … Continue reading

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Seeing Opportunity in Europe’s Crisis

You really have to read it all to believe the loathsome, callous disregard for democracy and the people: For Wolfgang Schäuble, Seeing Opportunity in Europe’s Crisis – NYTimes.com. “What we’re now doing with the fiscal union, what I’m describing here, … Continue reading

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What cuts?

It looks as though the Dutch ‘Danish’ cabinet, the minority cabinet of VVD and CDA with Wilders’ PVV supporting, has entered choppy waters. From DutchNews.nl: Budget cut talks ‘in a difficult phase’, NOS says Wilders wants out. Talks between the … Continue reading

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