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Done tolerating

The point of this post can be found here and here.

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QotD: Bussemaker is a statist witch

“Women should get rid of that eternal guilt over their family. Rather they should feel guilty over the fact the government has invested so much in [their education]” Education Minister Jet Bussemaker (Labour, of course) on women choosing to raise … Continue reading

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Fjordman File updates

[10 – 4] On FrontPage Mag: Academics or Agitprop Artists? Mr. Enebakk and too many others like him in this manner take the partisan ideological statements of decidedly left-wing organizations at face value and treat them as the Gospel Truth. … Continue reading

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Ceci n’est pas une tiranny

From Die Deutsche Wirtschaft Nachrichten we get this cheerful news: EU wants to regulate cultivation of fruit and vegetables in gardens The European Commission wants to impose on farmers and gardeners in the future the use of unit seed. Old … Continue reading

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State of play

Just coming out of my hole in the ground to point out a quote that should be obvious now, but nevertheless needs spreading far and wide. This is what the Euro-Cyprus brouhaha is telling us: The EU has managed to … Continue reading

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Burgerforum: Overdracht nieuwe bevoegdheden aan EU mag niet zonder referendum! In 2005 stemde ruim 61% van de Nederlandse bevolking tegen de Europese Grondwet. Toch is de macht van de EU sindsdien sterk toegenomen. Ook de eurocrisis leidt weer tot ingrijpende … Continue reading

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I’m done

The lack of updates may have given my readers (all three of you) a clue, but this makes it official: KV is over. Recent events, most notably the re-election of the Obama, have convinced me the world is moving in … Continue reading

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