State of play

Just coming out of my hole in the ground to point out a quote that should be obvious now, but nevertheless needs spreading far and wide. This is what the Euro-Cyprus brouhaha is telling us:

The EU has managed to make it quite clear to every European that the ‘technocrats’ are quite willing to seize people’s money whenever they think it ‘best’. Best for whom of course is another question.

They have made it clear there is no law that restrains them. Technocrats rule. Not govern, rule.

Remember this: No matter what the MSM is trying to tell you, this is not about Russian ‘dirty’ money. This is not about banks. This is about your government, the one in Brussels, signalling to you it considers your money their money, to be used as they see fit. The mask has finally dropped on the totalitarian scum that presume to lord over us.

As of this week the deposit guarantee so touted by the EUnion and local governments, is dead. Just dead. All good advice about putting your money in a mattress being ill-considered not-withstanding, I’ve made arrangements to get my money out of the system. Shame about the interest, but that doesn’t even cover inflation anyways. I’m done. I’m not playing along anymore.

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