Total subjugation

Watch the entire sequence. In just 3 minutes and 31 seconds Farage paints a stark picture of the predicament we, in this part of the world, find ourselves in. Van Rompuy c.s. are using the euro crisis and subsequent bail-outs to bring about the “total subjugation of the states to a completely undemocratic structure in Brussels.”

One can only agree with Mr. Farage when he says: “The euro-zone is in a very dark place; economically, socially, and politically.” That means us, you know?

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About that Nobel peace price

The EUnion today was awarded the Nobel peace price. Just like Yasser Arafat and Al Gore before them (ooh, and don’t forget the Obama). It is beyond parody.

But instead of going off into another tiresome rant, I am going to quote Dr. North, who says all that needs to be said:

How the Nobel Committee could possibly applaud this inherently anti-democratic construct for its “advancement of … democracy” is quite beyond me, but then, for a committee that awarded the peace prize to the IPCC in 2007, anything is possible.

But make no mistake. Thes people have set back the cause of peace and democracy by decades. The one hope we have of avoiding turmoil and civil war in Europe is of dismantling peacefully, the EU construct, and replacing it with something closer to democracies.

The malign, stupid fools of the Nobel Peace committee have just made that task immeasurably harder.

And that is all there is to it.

[UPDATE001] Except maybe this: It seems there was some foul play in awarding the prize. There was one member of the Nobel committee, Ågot Valle, who would have voted down awarding the prize to the EUnion, has she been present at the vote: Valle is the former deputy leader of the “No to EU” campaign.

Mysteriously, though, it just happened that when that Thorbjørn Jagland [head of the prize committee] decided to call for the final vote on this year’s winner, Valle was off sick, replaced by former Oslo Bishop Gunnar Stålsett, as her deputy.

Valle says she would have welcomed being called to make her vote, and says she would not have supported the EU if she had sat on the committee – but she wasn’t asked to attend.

Mr. Jagland, coincidentally, also happens to be the Secretary General of the Council of Europe. I think it is now safe to say that the Nobel peace prize is a worthless, meaningless sham.

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Your read for the day

From the Wall Street Journal: How ECB Chief Outflanked German Foe in Fight for Euro – A 2500 word epic saga about how Super-Mario f..screwed over Jens Weidmann and turned the ECB from a Germanic type institution into a Banco d’Italia type inflation machine.

That evening, he phoned Mr. Schäuble, who was vacationing on the sandy North Sea island of Sylt, and asked him to help publicly defend the ECB from German media fury.

Mr. Schäuble, the German government’s strongest believer in the euro and European unity, agreed, overriding finance-ministry officials who advised him not to comment on decisions of the central bank.

Mr. Draghi also called French President François Hollande and asked him to lobby Ms. Merkel for a joint Franco-German declaration of support. The chancellor, who was on a hiking vacation in the Alps, told Mr. Hollande she was comfortable with Mr. Draghi’s move but wary of making a public statement on ECB matters. The two leaders’ aides negotiated a wording.

The next morning, the Bundesbank launched its expected counteroffensive to Mr. Draghi’s speech, attacking bond-buying as “problematic” and “not the most sensible” way to tackle the crisis.

But at lunchtime, Mr. Schäuble issued a statement welcoming Mr. Draghi’s promise to preserve the euro. Soon afterward, Ms. Merkel and Mr. Hollande declared their determination to do “everything” to defend the euro and called on “European institutions” as well as national governments to do their duty.

Berlin had broken with the Bundesbank. Mr. Draghi had the cover he wanted.

On Aug. 1, a day before the ECB’s Governing Council met to approve Mr. Draghi’s plan, the Bundesbank website published an in-house interview with Mr. Weidmann in which he argued that his institution deserved special influence inside the ECB. “We are the largest and most important central bank in the Eurosystem and we have a greater say than many other central banks,” he said.

But Mr. Weidmann lacked allies on the ECB’s Governing Council. Over a dinner at ECB headquarters on Aug. 1, the council members drew up a plan for bond buying.

Read it (all) and weep.


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For posterity

Found this one while roaming the ‘Net. Thought a few of you might like this:

It Takes A Village

It takes a village (so we’re told), to raise a child today.
It takes a village (we reply), to steal his heart away.
To purge old-fashioned do’s and don’ts from his enlightened mind
To leave old fashioned Ma and Pa, a hundred years behind.

It takes a village, verily, to teach some mother’s son
To steal and gamble, smoke and swear, and vandalize for fun.
His mother didn’t teach him that! His father? No, not he!
It takes a village to corrupt, a village verily.

It takes a village, this we know, to teach the maidens sweet,
To dress and act, to look and talk, like women of the street.
It takes a village, not a doubt, to teach a maiden mild,
To save the monkey’s, owls, and whales, yet kill her unborn child.

It takes a village public school, some subtle class room chats,
To teach the little boys and girls to act like alley cats.
To teach them of the birds and bees, without morality,
To teach them what to do and how, and tell them they are free.

It takes a village, yes indeed, to brainwash all our youth,
With notions and with fallacies, in place of sense and truth.
Abortion rights! The right to die! The rights of animals!
Creative spelling! Unisex! the rights of criminals!

It takes a village, well we know, to turn their minds awry.
To stand for fancied “Children’s rights,” and parent’s rights deny.
To honor human nature less, and trees and rivers more.
To sacrifice to Mother Earth, and Father God ignore.

“It takes a village,” so they say, but something more they mean.
United Nations, Washington, The Liberal machine.
Society, the “Brave New World,” the socialist scheme.
The global ideology; It’s here… The New World Order Dream!”

by Glenn Conjurske


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This is the EUnion

Notice how no words to defend freedom of thought or conscience pass the lips of the disgraceful Mr Martin Schulz. Notice the way he crawls for those that use violence and threats of violence to get their way. Notice that this is the type of human failure that rules us. And try not to shudder as you think about where this may lead.

(with a thank you to reader Jos)

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The Dutch 8 o’clock news today made a big play out of the record low sea ice extent in the Arctic. Because of global warming, that we cause because we drive cars and eat meat, all those cute polar bears will perish horribly. That was about the gist of it.

But let me offer a small counter point. From Forbes: Antarctic Sea Ice Sets Another Record.

Antarctic sea ice set another record this past week, with the most amount of ice ever recorded on day 256 of the calendar year (September 12 of this leap year). (…)

[N]ew data show ice mass is accumulating on the Antarctic continent as well as in the ocean surrounding Antarctica. The new data contradict an assertion by global warming alarmists that the expanding Antarctic sea ice is coming at the expense of a decline in Antarctic continental ice.

Now, if the cause of the record low in the Arctic is GLOBAL warming, would we not expect the penguins in the Antarctic to be in as dire straits as the polar bears up north?

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Speaking for me

Haven’t had time yet to comment on the current outburst of the Religion of Perpetual Outrage. But here’s Pat Condell, saying everything I would have. Only better.

ADDENDUM: The latest sit down of Ulsterman with his ‘White House Insider’ throws up some intriguing questions about this current fracas. There’s apparently more to this then meets the eye (or reaches our MSM, for that matter): ”Barack Obama – The Butcher of Benghazi.”

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