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From the Wall Street Journal: How ECB Chief Outflanked German Foe in Fight for Euro – A 2500 word epic saga about how Super-Mario f..screwed over Jens Weidmann and turned the ECB from a Germanic type institution into a Banco d’Italia type inflation machine.

That evening, he phoned Mr. Schäuble, who was vacationing on the sandy North Sea island of Sylt, and asked him to help publicly defend the ECB from German media fury.

Mr. Schäuble, the German government’s strongest believer in the euro and European unity, agreed, overriding finance-ministry officials who advised him not to comment on decisions of the central bank.

Mr. Draghi also called French President François Hollande and asked him to lobby Ms. Merkel for a joint Franco-German declaration of support. The chancellor, who was on a hiking vacation in the Alps, told Mr. Hollande she was comfortable with Mr. Draghi’s move but wary of making a public statement on ECB matters. The two leaders’ aides negotiated a wording.

The next morning, the Bundesbank launched its expected counteroffensive to Mr. Draghi’s speech, attacking bond-buying as “problematic” and “not the most sensible” way to tackle the crisis.

But at lunchtime, Mr. Schäuble issued a statement welcoming Mr. Draghi’s promise to preserve the euro. Soon afterward, Ms. Merkel and Mr. Hollande declared their determination to do “everything” to defend the euro and called on “European institutions” as well as national governments to do their duty.

Berlin had broken with the Bundesbank. Mr. Draghi had the cover he wanted.

On Aug. 1, a day before the ECB’s Governing Council met to approve Mr. Draghi’s plan, the Bundesbank website published an in-house interview with Mr. Weidmann in which he argued that his institution deserved special influence inside the ECB. “We are the largest and most important central bank in the Eurosystem and we have a greater say than many other central banks,” he said.

But Mr. Weidmann lacked allies on the ECB’s Governing Council. Over a dinner at ECB headquarters on Aug. 1, the council members drew up a plan for bond buying.

Read it (all) and weep.


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For posterity

Found this one while roaming the ‘Net. Thought a few of you might like this:

It Takes A Village

It takes a village (so we’re told), to raise a child today.
It takes a village (we reply), to steal his heart away.
To purge old-fashioned do’s and don’ts from his enlightened mind
To leave old fashioned Ma and Pa, a hundred years behind.

It takes a village, verily, to teach some mother’s son
To steal and gamble, smoke and swear, and vandalize for fun.
His mother didn’t teach him that! His father? No, not he!
It takes a village to corrupt, a village verily.

It takes a village, this we know, to teach the maidens sweet,
To dress and act, to look and talk, like women of the street.
It takes a village, not a doubt, to teach a maiden mild,
To save the monkey’s, owls, and whales, yet kill her unborn child.

It takes a village public school, some subtle class room chats,
To teach the little boys and girls to act like alley cats.
To teach them of the birds and bees, without morality,
To teach them what to do and how, and tell them they are free.

It takes a village, yes indeed, to brainwash all our youth,
With notions and with fallacies, in place of sense and truth.
Abortion rights! The right to die! The rights of animals!
Creative spelling! Unisex! the rights of criminals!

It takes a village, well we know, to turn their minds awry.
To stand for fancied “Children’s rights,” and parent’s rights deny.
To honor human nature less, and trees and rivers more.
To sacrifice to Mother Earth, and Father God ignore.

“It takes a village,” so they say, but something more they mean.
United Nations, Washington, The Liberal machine.
Society, the “Brave New World,” the socialist scheme.
The global ideology; It’s here… The New World Order Dream!”

by Glenn Conjurske


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This is the EUnion

Notice how no words to defend freedom of thought or conscience pass the lips of the disgraceful Mr Martin Schulz. Notice the way he crawls for those that use violence and threats of violence to get their way. Notice that this is the type of human failure that rules us. And try not to shudder as you think about where this may lead.

(with a thank you to reader Jos)

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The Dutch 8 o’clock news today made a big play out of the record low sea ice extent in the Arctic. Because of global warming, that we cause because we drive cars and eat meat, all those cute polar bears will perish horribly. That was about the gist of it.

But let me offer a small counter point. From Forbes: Antarctic Sea Ice Sets Another Record.

Antarctic sea ice set another record this past week, with the most amount of ice ever recorded on day 256 of the calendar year (September 12 of this leap year). (…)

[N]ew data show ice mass is accumulating on the Antarctic continent as well as in the ocean surrounding Antarctica. The new data contradict an assertion by global warming alarmists that the expanding Antarctic sea ice is coming at the expense of a decline in Antarctic continental ice.

Now, if the cause of the record low in the Arctic is GLOBAL warming, would we not expect the penguins in the Antarctic to be in as dire straits as the polar bears up north?

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Speaking for me

Haven’t had time yet to comment on the current outburst of the Religion of Perpetual Outrage. But here’s Pat Condell, saying everything I would have. Only better.

ADDENDUM: The latest sit down of Ulsterman with his ‘White House Insider’ throws up some intriguing questions about this current fracas. There’s apparently more to this then meets the eye (or reaches our MSM, for that matter): ”Barack Obama – The Butcher of Benghazi.”

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Those elections – Some random thoughts

The Dutch general elections should have been about issues. But instead they were about, personality, a someone. Or two someones, as it turned out.

Beforehand it looked like the elections would dominated by issues concerning the EUnion and the Dutch part in it. Wilders’ PVV had already announced they would make it an issue. And props to them for trying. But the EUnion and related issues were a little too touchy for those that deem themselves the stewards of our small, damp corner of the world. And lo and behold: The elections became a popularity pageant, a battle for the prime-minister.

The Dutch left and what passes for the right in Holland were in a dead heat. The contest became one of who will rule: the left or the ‘right’ (the not-so-left, actually). Many voters voted ‘strategically’ (mrs. KV among them) either for the PvdA (labour) or the VVD (supposedly liberal-conservatives). This explains the huge number of seats for both PvdA and the VVD, as well as the hits taken by the CDA (christian democrats, PVV and SP (socialist party).

As a result we will in all likelihood get, not one or the other, but an unholy alliance of both of them. Unholy, because the natural constituency of the VVD are the 1%-ers, while the PvdA constituency these days is all those who depend on government hand-outs. When these two come together you just know the middle-class, those of us who actually work for a living, while raising the future of our country, will be squeezed for all we have. I, for one, am not looking forward to the next four years.

It is said that in Brussels the champaign was broken out, because the Netherlands had voted ‘pro-Europe’ (meaning pro-EUnion). It was nothing of the sort. The EUnion, yet again, did not figure at all in the contest, except maybe as an extra.

All the scorn the Dutch generally lavish on, for instance, US elections, because they supposedly are ‘beauty pageants’, has proven itself void and ridiculously hypocritical. Because these elections were exactly that: A contest of personalities. Who do I like better, Mark Rutte or Diederik Samsom? And we should hang our heads in shame that we’ve allowed ourselves to be seduced to this.

(With a thank you to reader Lorne)

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Heads up!

Via EURef we get a big and rather urgent heads up: It seems our own foreign minister, Uri Rosenthal (NL), (presumably on orders of the entire cabinet) is selling us Dutch out to the Brussels monster.

From the Frankfurter Algemeine, in a little wonky google translation: “Future Group” – Eleven EU foreign ministers call for political union.

Eleven European foreign ministers, including the German, have spoken out in a joint paper for overcoming the crisis leave more national powers to Brussels. They require, among other rights of intervention of the EU on national budgets, contract reforms without unanimity and majority decision-making in foreign policy. The ministers understand their suggestions as “personal thoughts” that do not reflect necessarily the views of their governments.

In addition, not all ministers involved share any suggestions. Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle, who had convened the so-called “Future Group”, who wrote the paper, said in Berlin: “At the end of the path that we must now turn, are one day a Political Union. You would complete our Economic and Monetary Union. At the same time they would realize a common foreign and security policy in the full sense. ”

This political union must stand on the foundation of a European powers – “with a parliament which adopt European laws, with a commission that does the work of a European government, and the president can be seen from direct election, and with a Council, as a second Chamber represents “the concerns of the Member States. The idea of ​​a direct election of the President shall, however, only “some members of the group”, as the paper noted.

In the elaboration next to Minister Westerwelle the ministers of Belgium, Denmark, France, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Portugal and Spain were involved.

Now, how come we have to here about this news via a British blog reporting on German newspapers? Is our government a little frightened by the reaction this news might cause?

As Dr. North writes: This is all serious stuff. It is rather a big scandal that neither our political class, nor our intrepid (hah!) MSM is informing about this rather momentous development. It is obvious they all don’t really want us to know and have our say in this. They’ve decided for us and apparently there’s an end to it.

Yet again I am seething with rage over such arrogant, paternalistic betrayal. We’ve long ago expressed our feelings about the project (remember 2005?) and yet we’re led down the very path a good majority of us do NOT want. Yet again the question begs: The reason we don’t rise up and slaughter them all is?

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Quote of the day

[T]o be sceptical of what the unelected euro-elite have in mind to increase their powers over us is the only rational position to take.

Mr Barroso calls any such questioning, doubting, thoughtful attitude ‘dangerous.’


But until it’s dangerous enough to topple the likes of Mr Barroso, I’d say it’s not dangerous enough.

Mary-Ellen Synon on her Daily Mail blog.

[INSTANT UPDATE] No, KV is not dead. It is merely asleep. Sorry for being AWOL. Hope I get the time to do some blogging soon.

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Another slice of freedom

As of today it will be illegal under EU rules to produce or import the bulbs, which are supposed to be replaced by more energy-efficient alternatives.

In the Dutch MSM there are reports of bulb-hoarding.

‘We are talking about thousands,’ Bart Goldsteeg, from light bulb importer ABC, told the Telegraaf. ‘We’ve bought up stockpiles from all over Europe. Because shops have been phasing them out, consumers have now found their way to our door.’

Friedie van Beek of the Lampenpaleis in Enschede told the paper hoarding first began in 2009 and has picked up again after an initial lull. ‘We just had someone in who went off with all sorts of types,’ he said.

Which is not surprising as compared to the alternatives, bulbs still have advantages. They are not only much cheaper but the quality of light is better and they can be dimmed. According to a report in the media the average household will save a staggering 25 euros (count them!) in energy. It is just a shame that those savings will vanish the minute you have to replace a view lights. And thus it seems that people are voting with their wallet and attempt to buy as many bulbs as they still can.

That, of course, will not do. According to German Die Welt, who call the whole thing a form of burocratic insanity, EUnion Energy Commissioner Guenther Oettinger is demanding special inspectors to monitor the ban. A new form of Grüne Polizei, as Geenstijl wryly notes.

Be that as it may, today we have lost another slice of freedom, thanks to the meddlesome, annoying creatures slouching around the halls of Brussels. It’s only a small slice. But it is by no means insignificant or trivial. Just think about it a little bit.

There is nothing wrong with the light bulb. It does not, unlike the mercury carrying ‘alternatives’ contain poisonous or harmful substances. No animals or children are harmed in the making of a light bulb. Yes, it does use up a little more electricity, but whether that is reason enough to forego the bulb is something each of us should decide for ourselves.

At the end of the day it comes down to this: The bulb is now illegal, because the EUnion wills it. That’s it. That is the only reason the EUnion needs to deny us our light bulbs. I wonder if this is going to be the worst abuse of raw power by the EUnion. Maybe it will be, if the societal resistance is big enough (black market bulbs, bulb-smugglers etc.). But it clearly illustrates what the EUnion is not about: Freedom

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Sunday linkage

The following is offered with my sincerest apologies for the paucity of posts in recent days.

For those wanting some red meat analysis and reporting on the ongoing EUnion crisis:

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The “Maturity Crunch”
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Flagged up by reader DP111, a broader look at modern Western society and the role of feminism: The Garbage Generation. This is chapter II. The others are worth a look as well. Agree or disagree, there’s some food for thought in the lonely, silent whisky hours of the day to be had.

On the presidential campaign in the US and the worrisoome character of the Obama administration:
How Mitt Romney Mentally Castrated The Obama Campaign
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Have a good Sunday!

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