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Total subjugation

Watch the entire sequence. In just 3 minutes and 31 seconds Farage paints a stark picture of the predicament we, in this part of the world, find ourselves in. Van Rompuy c.s. are using the euro crisis and subsequent bail-outs … Continue reading

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Sunday linkage

The following is offered with my sincerest apologies for the paucity of posts in recent days. For those wanting some red meat analysis and reporting on the ongoing EUnion crisis: The Slog: Forget the debate…Germany will have no choice but … Continue reading

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Your Sunday read

I just finished reading the most depressing paper I’ve read in years. Via ZeroHedge I discovered “Trade-Off”: A Study In Global Systemic Collapse (pdf) by David Korowicz. In the paper Korowicz develops an argument that the increasing complexity and interdependence … Continue reading

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Do nothing and die

Much has been made about the outcome of the EUnion ‘summit’ (EU council) last Wednesday and Thursday. The cheers in the MSM notwithstanding things may not be as happy as they seem. In his Sunday column Christopher Booker sees something … Continue reading

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Turning on its masters

In 2009 German officials, most notably the Merkel/Schäuble, convinced the new Greek government, led by Giorgos Papandreou, to OVERSTATE (not understate) the Greek deficit. This triggered the Greek (and ultimetely the euro-) crisis. This is a scoop by John Ward, … Continue reading

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State of decay

My apologies for being AWOL this last week and a half. Family matters and a conference abroad are the main reasons. I still lack the time to do some proper posting. But matters EU are now moving at such a … Continue reading

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This is what is happening

Just as ZeroHedge says: Forget the complicated flowcharts, scenarios, and government-banking-system reacharounds, the global economic collapse has never been so easy to comprehend… This is what is happening in Europe, the West and the world. Can’t get it any clearer … Continue reading

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A set up

Yesterday news broke about the all new EUnion ‘master plan’ to safe the eurozone, by endowing the EUnion with all the powers of statehood, at the cost of what once were sovereign nations. And today we read 1) that state-secretary … Continue reading

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Not so unthinkable then

Breaking news from Reuters: Euro zone to prepare for Greek exit scenario Each euro zone country will have to prepare a contingency plan for the eventuality of Greece leaving the single currency, euro zone sources said on Wednesday. Officials reached … Continue reading

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Quote of the day

We have already wasted years in trying to control this sickness in the euro, and we are saving the cancer and killing the patient. Boris Johnson in the Telegraph: Europe is driving full-tilt, foot on the pedal, into a brick … Continue reading

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