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Total subjugation

Watch the entire sequence. In just 3 minutes and 31 seconds Farage paints a stark picture of the predicament we, in this part of the world, find ourselves in. Van Rompuy c.s. are using the euro crisis and subsequent bail-outs … Continue reading

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Coup d’ Etat

So, the mask if finally dropping: Germany Formally Requests That Greece Hand Over Its Fiscal Independence It was tried previously (several times) under “slightly different” circumstances, and failed. Yet when it comes to taking over a country without spilling even … Continue reading

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A tin ear

Just how out of touch the people ensconced within the large, bloated and useless tranzi machinery really are was illustrated today by two news items in the Netherlands. First, there was UN secretary-general, Ban Ki Moon, who in a speech … Continue reading

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The cat’s out of the bag II

Via England Expects. Joke Schauvliege, Flemish Minister for Environment, Nature and Culture, and current holder of the rotating Chair of the EU’s Environment Council and European Commissioner for Climate action, Connie Hedegaard issued a statement today, which is the result … Continue reading

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