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Those elections – Some random thoughts

The Dutch general elections should have been about issues. But instead they were about, personality, a someone. Or two someones, as it turned out. Beforehand it looked like the elections would dominated by issues concerning the EUnion and the Dutch … Continue reading

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ESM debate to be postponed?

Breaking news from DDS: Procedure on ESM not (yet) postponed (NL). The parliamentary commission Finances states: Procedure postponed until a time to be determined. No argument has been given, but literally they say: Parliamentary involvement with EFSF/ESM decision (postponed until … Continue reading

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Wilders to sue the state over ESM

From Elsevier, my translation: Wilders files suite against Dutch state over eurofund. Leader of the PVV, Geert Wilders, will file a suit against the state of the Netherlands to get the permanent emergency fund for the euro ESM off the … Continue reading

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Bend over

Despite the PVV abandoning the ‘Catshuis agreement’, the austerity measures, the ‘budget cuts’ if you will, are unfortunately not at all dead: New coalition emerges as talks begin on cutting Dutch deficit. Three political parties have begun joint talks with … Continue reading

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The end to Danish: A few random thoughts

Wilders was absolutely right to not agree to the agreement. It was a piss-poor effort that rolled the costs of this government’s (and the EUnions) mismanagement of the European debt crisis and collateral Euro crisis on the backs of ordinary … Continue reading

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The end to Danish: The dry facts

Today the Dutch experiment with the Danish form of government (a minority cabinet with support; in this case a cabinet of VVD and CDA with Wilders’ PVV in support) has ended as the PVV withdrew support. The cabinet now has … Continue reading

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Rotten scoundrels and liars

Some news from the wire (in this case Reuters) that has been completely ignored and/or suppressed by the (slavish? sycophantic?) Dutch MSM: Dutch FinMin willing to increase euro rescue fund ESM Dutch Finance Minister Jan Kees de Jager said on … Continue reading

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