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The Dutch 8 o’clock news today made a big play out of the record low sea ice extent in the Arctic. Because of global warming, that we cause because we drive cars and eat meat, all those cute polar bears … Continue reading

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The MSM catches on

Finally somebody in the MSM is noticing the dire state of our benighted continent: The fault lies primarily with Europe’s governments, which have been pursuing a chimera. They are big, but that does not make them effective. On the contrary, … Continue reading

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Your read for today

There are actually two, which should be read in conjunction by every citizen in the EUnion The NYT published a article that should be read by every citizen in the EUnion: E.U. Elites Keep Power From the People. During these … Continue reading

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Something new

Having just put down the NYT, I’ve started my own newspaper: Underdog News. Mainly this is a way of relaying all the good stuff that comes my way via blogs and twitter. These days that is of such a volume … Continue reading

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NYT: Failing at failing

Last week we covered the rather conspicuous lie, promulgated by the former newspaper of record New York Time. Evidently we were not the only ones noticing the NYT’ creative reporting, because this week they’ve published a retraction. Of sorts. An … Continue reading

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The worst newspaper in Holland

My former house daily, Trouw (Dutch for ‘loyalty’), started life as an underground resistance paper during the Nazi occupation of Holland. It was loyal to the Netherlands as a sovereign nation, and loyal to the right to life, liberty and … Continue reading

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Another question

Right, so now that we’ve established that this shit is going on across the Big Pond: Do we have something similar going on at this side? It wouldn’t surprise me a bit. But we need some evidence.

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