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Tonight I was treated to an episode of ‘Knevel and van de Brink’ featuring a YouTube video (which I won’t favour with a link) of a set ‘new Dutch’ sexually harassing and taunting a girl of 12-13 years old. I … Continue reading

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On the Radicalization of Anders Behring Breivik

From the KV mail box, thanks to Kurt Lunström, the following video made by Answering Islam. It is the definitive indictment of all those fools and horses behinds that attempt to connect Breiviks slaughter to Robert Spencer, Fjordman, Wilders, Pam … Continue reading

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A failure of the community

Cultural enrichment takes many diverse and sometime unexpected forms. In the Netherlands this week, there was an uproar about what seems to be the latest trend in cultural enrichment (NL), disrupting funeral processions: In Amersfoort yet again a funeral procession … Continue reading

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Another attempt at a ‘beneficial crisis’

The immigration crisis, symbolized by the Island of the Saints is continuing apace. Richard North is warning us about ‘the insidious doctrine of the beneficial crisis’, using the flood of immigrants to argue for a common migration policy. It is … Continue reading

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A story to keep an eye on

Props to Gates of Vienna for their daily tracking of the goings on with regard to the immigration crisis on Lampedusa. It is beginning to look like the Camp of the Saints will become the focal point of either the … Continue reading

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Electing a new people

After the uprising of the 17th of JuneThe Secretary of the Writers UnionHad leaflets distributed in the StalinalleeStating that the peopleHad thrown away the confidence of the governmentAnd could win it back onlyBy redoubled efforts. Would it not be easierIn … Continue reading

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Funny how that works

When money becomes tight, it tends to focus the mind. Such is the case in Dutch education, where the budget for primary schools to deal with lagging students is being cut by 50 million as part of this governments plan … Continue reading

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