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A convenient list

Once again in our ‘representative democracy’ we find parliament and the Dutch people diametrically opposed to one another. Tonight the plenary session of Second Chamber on ratification of the ESM started. Rather belatedly, because the PVV filed again for a … Continue reading

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It looks like Twitter is the front in the Second Dutch Revolt. This time against the EUnion and specifically against the ESM and the cack-handed way in which our political ‘betters’ are trying to run this through parliament. Finally, at … Continue reading

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Whose enemy?

The Dutch army is increasingly involved in police raids, observation of criminals and the search for missing persons. This according to (NL), noting with unseemly enthusiasm that the various peacekeeping missions in Iraq and Afghanistan have bred a skill … Continue reading

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Slave mentality?

Regular readers of this modest blog may remember me wondering: Why bother? in the wake of a conversation I had. Earlier I expressed my concern about the lack of response to the continued demolishing of our country and our freedom. … Continue reading

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Why Would Anyone Want to Join the EU? The fundamental problem with the EU, however, is that the people of Europe have no faith in it and do not identify with it. A 2010 Eurobarometer poll found that only 49 … Continue reading

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Not whether, but how

Via GoV we learn of an open letter, written by Spanish German (or German Spaniard) Marco Pino, addressed to Helmut Kohl and through him all EUrocrat ideologues. In the letter Mr. Pino argues not for more or less ‘Europe’, but … Continue reading

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Good riddance

Some cheery news, via IanPJ: It is with great sadness I report that Common Purpose in the Netherlands has closed down. In the current climate in the Netherlands, the open courses have struggled to cover costs. The Netherlands team have … Continue reading

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