Heads up!

Via EURef we get a big and rather urgent heads up: It seems our own foreign minister, Uri Rosenthal (NL), (presumably on orders of the entire cabinet) is selling us Dutch out to the Brussels monster.

From the Frankfurter Algemeine, in a little wonky google translation: “Future Group” – Eleven EU foreign ministers call for political union.

Eleven European foreign ministers, including the German, have spoken out in a joint paper for overcoming the crisis leave more national powers to Brussels. They require, among other rights of intervention of the EU on national budgets, contract reforms without unanimity and majority decision-making in foreign policy. The ministers understand their suggestions as “personal thoughts” that do not reflect necessarily the views of their governments.

In addition, not all ministers involved share any suggestions. Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle, who had convened the so-called “Future Group”, who wrote the paper, said in Berlin: “At the end of the path that we must now turn, are one day a Political Union. You would complete our Economic and Monetary Union. At the same time they would realize a common foreign and security policy in the full sense. ”

This political union must stand on the foundation of a European powers – “with a parliament which adopt European laws, with a commission that does the work of a European government, and the president can be seen from direct election, and with a Council, as a second Chamber represents “the concerns of the Member States. The idea of ​​a direct election of the President shall, however, only “some members of the group”, as the paper noted.

In the elaboration next to Minister Westerwelle the ministers of Belgium, Denmark, France, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Portugal and Spain were involved.

Now, how come we have to here about this news via a British blog reporting on German newspapers? Is our government a little frightened by the reaction this news might cause?

As Dr. North writes: This is all serious stuff. It is rather a big scandal that neither our political class, nor our intrepid (hah!) MSM is informing about this rather momentous development. It is obvious they all don’t really want us to know and have our say in this. They’ve decided for us and apparently there’s an end to it.

Yet again I am seething with rage over such arrogant, paternalistic betrayal. We’ve long ago expressed our feelings about the project (remember 2005?) and yet we’re led down the very path a good majority of us do NOT want. Yet again the question begs: The reason we don’t rise up and slaughter them all is?

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6 Responses to Heads up!

  1. Lorne says:

    As one of your U.S. readers, I would appreciate your thoughts on the last Dutch election.

  2. Jos says:

    Meanwhile, the EUSSR bows deeply for islam:
    This is the future of a common european foreign policy and defence.

  3. DP111 says:

    Yet again the question begs: The reason we don’t rise up and slaughter them all is?

    Let me think……….

    Cant think of anything. Will get back to you if anything turns up.

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