Another slice of freedom

As of today it will be illegal under EU rules to produce or import the bulbs, which are supposed to be replaced by more energy-efficient alternatives.

In the Dutch MSM there are reports of bulb-hoarding.

‘We are talking about thousands,’ Bart Goldsteeg, from light bulb importer ABC, told the Telegraaf. ‘We’ve bought up stockpiles from all over Europe. Because shops have been phasing them out, consumers have now found their way to our door.’

Friedie van Beek of the Lampenpaleis in Enschede told the paper hoarding first began in 2009 and has picked up again after an initial lull. ‘We just had someone in who went off with all sorts of types,’ he said.

Which is not surprising as compared to the alternatives, bulbs still have advantages. They are not only much cheaper but the quality of light is better and they can be dimmed. According to a report in the media the average household will save a staggering 25 euros (count them!) in energy. It is just a shame that those savings will vanish the minute you have to replace a view lights. And thus it seems that people are voting with their wallet and attempt to buy as many bulbs as they still can.

That, of course, will not do. According to German Die Welt, who call the whole thing a form of burocratic insanity, EUnion Energy Commissioner Guenther Oettinger is demanding special inspectors to monitor the ban. A new form of Grüne Polizei, as Geenstijl wryly notes.

Be that as it may, today we have lost another slice of freedom, thanks to the meddlesome, annoying creatures slouching around the halls of Brussels. It’s only a small slice. But it is by no means insignificant or trivial. Just think about it a little bit.

There is nothing wrong with the light bulb. It does not, unlike the mercury carrying ‘alternatives’ contain poisonous or harmful substances. No animals or children are harmed in the making of a light bulb. Yes, it does use up a little more electricity, but whether that is reason enough to forego the bulb is something each of us should decide for ourselves.

At the end of the day it comes down to this: The bulb is now illegal, because the EUnion wills it. That’s it. That is the only reason the EUnion needs to deny us our light bulbs. I wonder if this is going to be the worst abuse of raw power by the EUnion. Maybe it will be, if the societal resistance is big enough (black market bulbs, bulb-smugglers etc.). But it clearly illustrates what the EUnion is not about: Freedom

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3 Responses to Another slice of freedom

  1. DP111 says:


    Its the same with wind turbines. Wind turbines are inefficient for energy production. In addition, they are unreliable, require regulation when they are running, always require standby generation of an amount equal to what they could produce. All in all, there efficiency is around 10% in real terms.

    No engineer in his right mind would even consider to install wind turbines as a means to power an industrial country. Yet we have EU politicos mandating, that every EU country meet obligations of renewable energy (wind turbines) each year. The cost be damned. The damage to industry be damned. EU knows best. Why? Because they say so.

    Besides there is a lot money to be scammed off tax payers. Heavens, the whole purpose of funding Global Warming research was to raise the unit cost of power, and then scam even more money, by making users pay for installing the turbines. Its like pickpockets forcing victims to pay for the training of future pickpockets.

  2. Here in England I can now buy a lamp with the standard 60w envelope and fitting. Inside, mounted on two stiff wires is a quartz-iodine bulb, which is apparently energy saving under EU rules. It’s expensive, but better than changing 20 light fittings or using the fluorescent types which give my wife migraines.

  3. DP111 says:

    The ongoing riots in the Muslim world over a trivial and nondescript video are leading to the Muslim world demanding that the West limit freedom of speech.
    Given the total dhimmification of the our ruling elite, it wouldnt surprise me in the least, that some sort of limit is put on the freedom of expression. This can even happen in America, if Americans
    vote for Obama.

    Step by step, allowing Muslims to invade the West, will lead to sharia being implemented in the West.

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