Sunday linkage

The following is offered with my sincerest apologies for the paucity of posts in recent days.

For those wanting some red meat analysis and reporting on the ongoing EUnion crisis:

The Slog:
Forget the debate…Germany will have no choice but to leave the eurozone
Merkel ‘in a prison of her own making’

Eurocrash: Germany holds the key
Eurocrash: German mood music
Eurocrash: on Britain leaving the EU
Eurocrash: never trust the markets

The “Maturity Crunch”
Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt

Flagged up by reader DP111, a broader look at modern Western society and the role of feminism: The Garbage Generation. This is chapter II. The others are worth a look as well. Agree or disagree, there’s some food for thought in the lonely, silent whisky hours of the day to be had.

On the presidential campaign in the US and the worrisoome character of the Obama administration:
How Mitt Romney Mentally Castrated The Obama Campaign
“We Got One Last Chance Here To Make It Right”
On Paul Ryan VP Pick: ” Obama Just Sh*t Himself “

Have a good Sunday!

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7 Responses to Sunday linkage

  1. DP111 says:

    As I’ve noted for sometime now, is the absence of men ie “Men of the West” in the war that Islam has waged on Europe and Christendom.

    Why, why, why are men absent. Mostly it is women – Melanie Phillips, Marine LePen, Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff, Pamela Geller, Ann Barnhardt, the late Oriana Fallaci, and a few others. As for men, it is just Geert Wilders.

    Why have men abandoned the field, the greatest civilisation that men, and mainly men, created, have gone walkabout, as if they dont care, dong give a shiite?

    I believe the answer is in the link. Men have been disenfranchised wholesale. Their role in society negated and mocked. They have been excluded as protector of the family, and by extension, protector of the community and nation. The state has assumed the role of the husband/father, offering Welfare to single mums. Men rightly feel that they have no stake in society, nothing to lose, that offering their lives to protect the family and the nation, is a waste of their lives. The result is a huge increase in lawlessness, decay in discipline, catastrophic fall in educational standards, the growing population of feral young men and women, as their are no strong men to impose discipline. In effect, the death of a once great civilisation. Civilisation is very fragile. Withoit protection, it will either decay and die, or be conquered by barbarians.

    A few decades ago, the ongoing rapes of Women in European countries, the sexual grooming young girls by Muslim men, would never have occurred. And if it had, there would have been such a violent reaction, that there would be no Muslims in Europe, and the politicians who brought this situation about, would be seeking asylum, if they managed to get out with their lives.

    Opposition to Islam by western women, will simply be laughed at, and put down vigorously, as there wont be any western men to protect them. Muslim men are dominaters of women by nature, and strangely, many women actually prefer it, so there wont be any significant opposition.

    Yet it is only “Men of the West” that can save us and civilisation. Muslims respect force – manly force. Opposition from women and girly men, will just laugh at, and slapped into line.

  2. DP111 says:

    On Obama’s Death wish for America, Mark Steyn has a worth reading article.

    As noted here previously, the International Monetary Fund predicts that China will become the world’s dominant economic power by 2016. So the guy elected in November will be the first president since Grover Cleveland to know what it feels like to be the global also-ran. Even this, however, understates the size of catastrophe the United States faces. There are no precedents in history for a great power spending itself to death on the scale America is doing. Obama has added $5 trillion to the national debt, and has nothing to show for it. Do you know how difficult that is to do? Personal debt per citizen is currently about 50 grand, but at least you got a La-Z-Boy recliner and a gas-fired barbecue out of it. Obama has spent America’s future, and left no more trace than if he and his high school “choom gang” had wheeled a barrow of five trillion in large notes behind the gym and used them for rolling paper. Right now, combined total debt in the United States is just shy of $700,000 per family. Add in the so-called “unfunded liabilities” that a normal American business would have to include in its SEC filings but from which U.S. Government accounting conveniently absolves itself, and you’re talking about a debt burden per family of about a million bucks. In other words, look around you: the paved roads, the landscaped shopping mall, the Starbucks and the juice bar and the mountain bike store … There’s nothing holding the joint up….

    Half the country is entirely unaware of the existential threat Obama-sized government represents, and Mitt seems in no hurry to alert them to what’s at stake, save for occasional warnings that if we’re not careful America will end up like Europe. We should be so lucky. The more-likely scenario is something closer to the more corrupt and decrepit fiefdoms of Latin America. Look at the underlying assumptions of the Mitt-gives-you-cancer ad—that in America a businessman is somehow responsible not only for his employee’s health, but that of the employee’s family members years after said employee has left said employ. No Euro-socialist would even understand the basis of the attack: In its assumptions about the ever-more-tortuous and farther-flung burdens the state can place upon private business, it is quintessentially American.

    This election represents the last exit ramp before the death spiral….

  3. DP111 says:

    Ann Barnhardt is also of the opinion that Men of the West have become cowards

    Do you know why Ayn Rand (Alisa Rosenbaum was her real name) became an atheist? Do you know why that clearly intelligent woman became so utterly convinced that there was no God? It is because she witnessed the revolting, repellant cowardice of the Russian Orthodox clergy in Russia during the Bolshevik Revolution. Seeing those men capitulate to evil in order to save their own skins was so abhorrent to behold that young Alisa became convinced that there was no way that the Church or the God of that Church could possibly be real or true. It was the observation of cowardice that drove her into atheism, and then into her own sad life of sin and self-centeredness, all in the name of “rational self-interest” and “happiness”.

    Human beings are hard-wired to loathe and shun the coward. There is no character trait that is more universally and instantly repellant to both males and females than cowardice. It takes massive brainwashing to overcome this most visceral of human responses. Why is this?

    From the female perspective, a woman identifies and rejects the coward because the coward will not protect her. The coward will abandon her and their children. ( See The Garbage Generation) So how is it that any inner city black man today gets laid? Because the Marxists have brainwashed the black culture into embracing male cowardice. The men are given false substitutes in the form of sports and gangs (because nothing is more GAY masculine than running around in a shirt with another man’s name emblazoned across it), and the women are trained by the rap/hip-hop culture to expect to be used and abandoned as mere masturbation vectors. And when conception actually happens, we have the ultimate act of cowardice to fall back on: abortion.

    From the male perspective, cowardice is repellant because it is the coward who will either betray you, or fail to come through and get both of you killed.

  4. jonathan8184 says:

    One of the key planks of the Communist Manifesto is the aboliton of marriage. Along with it goes the abolition of the family, of parent/child relationships. What a big surprise then that Marxists would LOVE anything that helps undermine the traditional Western family model. They’ve got to be stopped.

  5. jonathan8184 says:

    DP111 – the answer is simple. The West is dying because it has forsaken it’s foundations. And there is NO replacement for what was forsaken, to be found in the realm of human reason or ability, save upon what human reason and ability is ultimately based on. The men of the West have been disenfranchised because they disenfranchised themselves. They have not been abandoned by society. They abandoned society.

  6. DP111 says:


    I think you will find this a good read

    The Garbage Generation
    The Once and Future Matriarchy:
    The Stone Age, the Ghetto, and the Promiscuity Principle

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