State of decay

My apologies for being AWOL this last week and a half. Family matters and a conference abroad are the main reasons. I still lack the time to do some proper posting. But matters EU are now moving at such a break neck speed, I thought it opportune to point out a couple of links to my readership. Especially if you’re Dutch, because all of the below is woefully, and scandalously, under-reported in out own MSM.

Dr. North of EUref has done a series of posts about the latest drive to fiscal and political unification by the EUrocrats, using the euro crisis as their crowbar. You could do worse then to take the time to read some, or all, of the links. Below they’re given in chronological order, with the oldest first.

All bets are off
More theatre for the lumpen masses
The United States of Europe: final shape emerges
United States of Europe: Merkel gives her backing
Four powers meeting in Rome
Missing the longer-term play
If you knows of a better plan …
Britain on its way out
“A mother-of-all-summits”
Falling apart at the seams?

The last one is too good not to cite, noting a hint of dejection in the main characters in this state of play decay:

The word that keeps springing to mind is “unravel”. Any which way you look at it, Schäuble’s unbridled optimism does not seem to have any substance. Pessimism is taking over so if there is a rabbit ready to be plucked out of the hat, it needs to be a really good one.

Even the Dutch political scene is getting a bit doubtful now, it seems (NL). What is less appreciated is the growing public resistance in Germany to the intentions of the pair Merkel/Schäuble, as noted by John Ward.

This is the end game, it would seem. If even the Dutch political establishment is becoming reluctant to follow the German one, we have entered the twilight zone. These are days of importance, history is made as we watch. More importantly, we either regain our freedom now, or we will lose it for generations to come. Remember this when you find yourself in a voting booth next September.

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