A thin line in the sand

From Elsevier (NL) we learn that EUnion member states of the Schengen variety voted down a proposal by the EC to hand over final say over control over border decisions to the EUnion. Not only that, the countries also decided to extend the length of time the border checks can be held in place.

You may remember back in May when the Island of the Saints featured in the MSM headlines. The EUnion tried to turn this into another ‘beneficial crisis’.

Dr. North has more on this issue, seeing signs that the European “ideal” is crumbling.

Of greater significance, the reluctance of member states fully to commit to open borders augers ill for a full political union. If unrestricted cross-border flows of people are unwelcome, it seems hard to believe that unrestricted cross-border government will be wildly endorsed.

Our own minister of Immigration, Gerd Leers, was quite outspoken about the issue, saying “Public order is a matter of member states. We most certainly will not give that away”.

Where does this unexpected assertiveness come from, so all of a sudden? Is the EUnion overreach finally starting to irritate? Are governments of nation states at long last drawing a first, thin and tentative line in sand where the ‘ever closer EUnion’ is concerned? Be still my heart…

[UPDATE001] Speaking of new-found assertiveness, our own intrepid PM, Mark Rutte, today shot down Frau Merkels plea for a political union, saying now is not the time for fundamental changes to the EUnion (NL). It sounds positive. But I remain sceptical about the longevity of that recently discovered spine…

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