A set up

Yesterday news broke about the all new EUnion ‘master plan’ to safe the eurozone, by endowing the EUnion with all the powers of statehood, at the cost of what once were sovereign nations.

And today we read 1) that state-secretary for Econmic Affairs, Ben Knapen, is for the introduction of eurobonds (NL), despite earlier resistance of the Dutch government (alongside Germany and and Finland). And 2) our intrepid PM, Mark Rutte is opposed to discussions of the ‘master plan’ (NL), saying ‘Now is the time to solve problem and not lose ourselves in structural discussion about the future of Europe’.

Excuse me? The ‘master plan’ represents a fundamental change in the structure of the EUnion and its institutions. We’re talking about a massive enlargement of the ECB’s mandate, not to mention the quite possible loss of political independence of the ECB. We’re talking about enshrining the total subservience of political systems in member states to the EUnion into ‘law’. We’re talking about the realization of a transfer union. We are talking about the creation of the One United European State. You know, the one we were told would never be. I would think that is eminently worthy of discussion.

Our PM is right that we should be solving problems. The ‘master plan’ however does not solve any of the problems that are most pressing right now. In Greece hospitals no longer dispense medicine, jails no longer have the money to provide the inmates with food. Greek society is dying. Spain is about to be strangled in a similar fashion. The Irish and the Portuguese no longer stand tall, but are reduced to pathetic debt servitude. The ‘master plan’ only solves problems in as much as it will, in good old-fashioned communist style, distribute misery around equally. Neither Greeks, nor Spanish or Irish will become as well off as the Germans or the Dutch. Rather, the Dutch and Germans (and all others, mind) risk becoming Greeks in the definitive EUnion.

But the EUnion is making a grab for the main prize, political union, without regard for such considerations. And it is using the financial crisis and the despair of the Greeks, Spanish, Irish and Portuguese, as the excuse. It is beyond opportunistic. It is depraved. There is no other word for it. And ‘men’ who contemplate using the misery of so many to realize their goals are depraved human beings. Do we want to be ruled by such? What good will come from that?

But I think we won’t have either contemplation or discussion. The timing is just too suspect. For months and years now, the Dutch, together with Germany and Finland, have vehemently opposed creating transfer union or the introduction of eurobonds. But now, after news of the ‘master plan’ is breaking, our intrepid Dutch government drop its ‘vigorous’ opposition against these key parts of the ‘master plan’. Not only that, but anyone wishing to think this through, to discuss this, is told by our PM that now is not the time to ‘lose ourselves’. Now is the time to ‘solve problems’.

This looks like a clever one-two between the EUnion and the remaining AAA’s. It feels like a back room deal. The Dutch (and the Germans, and the Fins) have ‘put up a fight’, until the moment the situation comes to a head and the final push seems opportune. Now that the ‘master plan’ is here, all opposition is forgotten and unwanted. All ‘principled’ resistance is dropped so as not to endanger the fruition of this ‘master plan’. This smells like it has been, and is, a set up. We’ve been played and betrayed. Again. We’re being sold out. Again.

I’ve written those last few words many times before. More then I care to remember. And I’m getting bored with it. I’ll tell you one thing though: If the Dutch are going to allow this to happen, if this final power grab, aided and abetted by our own government and parliament, is not met with robust resistance, the Dutch deserve no better then to be ruled in misery by the likes of those unimaginative, mediocre, lifeless and joyless drones like van Rompuy and Barosso.

Those that refuse to listen, must be made to feel, as the Dutch saying goes. Ultimately those words will fall on the heads of EUrocrats, of that I am convinced. But before that I fear the Dutch (and Germans, and Fins) will learn first hand what that saying actually means.

[UPDATE001] And just to hammer the point home: From EURef we get the news that all of a sudden Bundeskanzlerin Merkel is open to establishing a European banking authority. She says she will discuss with Barroso, “what extent we have to put systemically (important) banks under a specific European oversight”.

And via The Slog: The German Chancellery signalled that it may be open to euro-zone bonds or further support for the region’s banking sector, but that would depend on other countries agreeing to transfer more power to Brussels.

They were all against it… before they were for it. The treacherous scum.

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