Mad scramble

Christopher Booker writes his latest on: The EU’s ‘beneficial crisis’ has spun out of control.

[A]mid the present shambles, we hear distracted voices calling for “more Europe” – more powers for Brussels, a new treaty – but the truth is that the chaos has gone way beyond their ability to solve it. They are not going to get their new powers, their “eurobonds”, their fiscal union.

Be that as it may, the EUrocrats are not giving up yet. According to Die Welt (D), the EUnion top (Barosso, van Rompuy, Juncker and Draghi) are secretly working on a new ‘master plan’.

According to information obtained by “Welt am Sontag” van Rompuy, Barroso, Juncker and Draghi are working on proposals in four fields: Structural reforms, a banking union, a fiscal union and a political union. Until now work on the master plan has remained almost entirely without publicity. That gives the proposals, that are concocted in the back rooms of EU institutions, some benefit. Ultimately, a wholly new Europe would emerge – if the 27 EU countries can agree.

Because that is hard to predict, the participants operate in secret: They have no interest in their work becoming public, “because the process is very difficult”.

The main points of the proposals will be presented by van Rompuy to the EUnion member states during the next ‘summit’, planned for the end of July. These points should be incorporated in the summits concluding declaration. The goal is to have all EUnion governments to officially decide, black on white, on this ‘road map’.

The paper says the fiscal and political EUnion may not go down well with the Germans, or other people of EUnion member states. Besides, plans for a fiscal or political union would require new treaties. That means new negotiations. That means a lot of time. Time the EUnion doesn’t have, really.

But this mad (and rather panicked, it would seem) scramble for the ultimate price does prove one thing: It always, ALWAYS has been the point of the EEC, the EC and then the EUnion to evolve into a political union. Despite all reassurances to the contrary, a United States of Europe, run by bureaucrats, always was the ultimate goal.

We find (again!) we have been lied to about the nature of the EUnion. Forget prosperity, forget democracy, forget peace. The EUnion is there for one goal only: to realize the wet dream of power hungry civil servants. And evidently they are willing to sacrifice anything (like the entire civilian population of Greece, for instance) to get it.

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