This week saw the ruling in the case brought by Geert Wilders against the state (see here and here for a flashback). Arguments were heard on Tuesday. The ruling was issued yesterday. It all went down predictable paths, with a predictable ruling: Wilders lost.

The judge ruled the customs of ‘habitual law’ were not violated to such an extent that intervention by the court was warranted. Constitutionally the court of justice has no right to interfere in the process of legislation. That is reserved for parliament and government.

After the ruling Wilders one more time called ’emphatically’ on PM Rutte (NL) to postpone the ratification of the ESM until after elections. According to Wilders, the PM would be judicial winner, but also the moral winner by doing so.

He will, of course, be ignored.

The decision to ratify the ESM is not a done deal yet, as First Chamber (the senate) will have to approve the parliamentary decision. The PVV has already vowed to fight the decision with equal gusto in First Chamber as it has in Second Chamber.

In the mean time, Germany also still has to ratify. In Germany the voices opposed to the ESM are louder and more determined. As an example, weekly Die Junge Freiheit issued a ‘final warning’ (D). Gates of Vienna has the translation in EN.

In the piece Die Junge Freiheit warns the ESM will institutionalize the breaking of various EU treaties, will officially be above the law and will emasculate national parliaments and governments. It is all very well known to those who read KV and blogs like KV. But it bears repeating. Over and over again.

With the EUnion going into economic meltdown we cannot afford, it would be national economic suicide, to hand the keys of the treasury to those who are responsible for this utter mess in the first place.

Let us hope (and pray, if you’re so inclined) Our Father will grant us a small miracle when the ESM ratification goes through the senate.

[UPDATE001] As if on cue, Christopher Booker writes his latest on: The EU’s ‘beneficial crisis’ has spun out of control.

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