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4 Responses to Goodbyeee….

  1. Bellevue says:

    I am sorry to be so incredibly stupid, but I just dont get it.
    I see the flag at half-mast.
    Is it ‘goodbye, Holland’?

  2. DP111 says:

    Quote: The Netherlands will put €4.5bn in the fund and guarantee a further €35bn.

    What do they mean by “Netherlands? MPs voted for it so they can pay it themselves, specially as the parliament is merely a caretaker one till elections.

    • Klein Verzet says:

      Which is also the main gripe of Wilders’ PVV and the Socialist Party (and mine). This government and parliament have no right (other then insisting the ratification of the ESM is mere taking care of ongoing business) to commit NL to this monstrosity.

      Yet they went ahead and did it anyway.

      I hope for a parliamentary inquiry in a few years time where all 100 ‘Yay’ voters will be made to own up to their betrayal.

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