A convenient list

Once again in our ‘representative democracy’ we find parliament and the Dutch people diametrically opposed to one another.

Tonight the plenary session of Second Chamber on ratification of the ESM started. Rather belatedly, because the PVV filed again for a personal vote to postpone the debate. The motion requesting the postponement was defeated (NL) 86 to 35. This is plus or minus, also the ratio of vote to expect when the vote on ratification occurs, sometime tomorrow (Wednesday) morning. On the positive side we find that, since the vote was a personal vote, we now have a convenient list of 86 names for knitting future reference.

Thus it looks like around 70% of Second Chamber is in favour of ratifying now, by this care-takes government and dissolved parliament, rather then in September, after elections and the installation of a full, new parliament and fully mandated cabinet.

Democracy in action…

Except that a poll for television programme EenVandaag on Tuesday showed that 60% of the Dutch people are AGAINST ratification now, and would rather wait until after the elections.

Once more we have proof representative democracy isn’t democracy at all. It is dysfunctional. As with the euro, the constitution, the Lisbon treaty and the Greek rescue, again we find parliament deciding something the Dutch themselves (when asked) are against.

Isn’t it about time we started thinking about changing this? Isn’t it time to start to contemplate Referism?

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2 Responses to A convenient list

  1. Kind of you to link back to the posts of mine and Richard North, KV. In view of the meeting at Harrogate in July I have not progressed those ideas mentioned any further. I think that agreement on what needs to be done is there twixt RN and myself, but am unsure what the ‘agenda’ of the meeting yet is. As I have posted more recently, I do believe that we need to consider not just demands but also the ‘after’ after representative democracy. Anyways, we shall see what we shall see………

    • Klein Verzet says:

      I am very curious to see what comes out of that meeting. More likely then not it will provide a few pointers for us across the Small Pond. I am following both yourself and EURef with a keen interest.

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