Some ‘splaining please

Over on WUWT last week Frank Lansner took a closer look at temperature records from the Netherlands versus the ‘official’ temperature record put out by our own intrepid KNMI. What he found was that the official KNMI record (CNT KNMI in the graph, the red line) consistently under-reports recorded temperatures prior to 1951, when compared to the raw data. In fact the KNMI is trying to let us believe the first half of the 20th century was considerably cooler then it actually was.


Lansner hints at a possible explanation. But mainly he observes and reports what he’s found. I heartily recommend going over and read the entire post with all of it’s 22 figures.

It seems to me the KNMI has some explaining to do here. If they weren’t out to purposely trick us about warming in the Netherlands, they need to make clear why the adjustments were made as they were, I think.

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