ESM debate to be postponed?

Breaking news from DDS: Procedure on ESM not (yet) postponed (NL).

The parliamentary commission Finances states: Procedure postponed until a time to be determined. No argument has been given, but literally they say:

Parliamentary involvement with EFSF/ESM decision (postponed until further notice)

The question is: Has the cabinet capitulated in the face of the PVV-threat (a suit against the state)? It raises the suspicion that lawyer Bram Moszkowicz uncovered a skeleton in the closet, forcing the cabinet to temporarily cut their losses.

Interesting development. This will cause a lot of hurt with the Eurocrats.

In an update the author admits he may have cheered a little too early. What has been postponed is the commission meeting. The plenary session and vote on the ESM is supposed to start on Wednesday (the 23rd) and this agenda has not changed.

Earlier we relayed the news on Wilders’ intention to take the state to court over its planned ratification of the ESM, something this parliament and government are not allowed to do. After all, the government is, since the fall of the Danish cabinet, a care-taker government. Moreover, parliament has been effectively dissolved and are not allowed to introduce new legislation.

Yesterday, Wilders issued the cabinet an ultimatum (NL): The cabinet must postpone the vote on the ESM until after the elections. It must do this before 1600 hours on Monday 21st. If not, Wilders will go ahead with his suit against the Dutch state.

In the comments over at DDS speculation on the meaning of the sudden change of the Finance commissions agenda is rife. The commenters are unsure, but the consensus seems to be the postponement is in view of Wilders’ ESM suit. As long as the issue of when to ratify is with the judges, Second Chamber cannot go ahead with the ratification process. Hence the change in agenda. But that would mean parliament expects the ESM suit to go ahead, that the ultimatum will be ignored. Either that, or the government has really decided to postpone ESM ratification until after the elections in September.

Either way, something is happening. And I bet more then a few EUrocrats are getting a tad nervous.

[UPDATE001] The deadline for the ultimatum has come and gone. And out intrepid government stands fast: The bill ratifying the ESM will not be withdrawn (NL).

the cabinet feels that it is up to the Second Chamber to postpone the ESM treaty or not.

The Algemeen Dagblad (NL) says Bram Moszkowicz will file for a suit tomorrow (Tuesday) morning. Stay tuned, as they say in these circumstances.

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