Wilders to sue the state over ESM

From Elsevier, my translation: Wilders files suite against Dutch state over eurofund.

Leader of the PVV, Geert Wilders, will file a suit against the state of the Netherlands to get the permanent emergency fund for the euro ESM off the table. He wants judges to block the ‘unlawful act’.

Wilders revealed that in the suit he will be represented by Bram Moszkowicz. Moszkowicz also defended Wilders, when he stood accused for inciting hatred, group offence and discrimination.

Wednesday Second Chamber rejected a proposal by the PVV to postpone ratification of the ESM until after the elections. Of the MPs 41 voted for and 99 against.

The leader of the PVV thinks the voter should express his opinion before the Netherlands transfers power to Brussels.

The PVV-leader is against the establishment of the permanent emergency fund, aimed at supporting eurozone countries in trouble. He thinks the Netherlands will give up sovereignty to the fund. Earlier the Chamber of Auditors expressed its worries about a democratic deficit.

Care-taker PM Mark Rutte (VVD) disagrees that the Netherlands give up sovereignty to the emergency fund. He called Wilders proposal unwise. The Netherlands should make its position clear, according to the PM. ‘It seems to me very important to do it now and give a trust-building signal.’

VVD, CDA, PvdA, GroenLinks, D66 and the Christen Unie do not want to postpone introduction of the ESM. The fund is foreseen to enter into force in July and will have at least 500 billion euro at its disposal. This may increase later.

Good for Wilders to take this step. Maybe some good will come of it. And we must now conclude, sadly, that VVD, CDA, PvdA, GroenLinks, D66 and the ChristenUnie, all of them, are treasonous bastards who think nothing of selling us all out into debt servitude.

The ESM vote is planned for May 22nd (which is contrary to a tweet of yours truly last night). Apparently today and tomorrow are debate sessions only. One in which the six treasonous little parties mentioned above will undoubtedly congratulate each-other on this magnificent display of shafting their respective voters, and their children and their children’s children, for a pipe-dream that is crumbling even as they sit to ‘debate’.

But they all should heed a warning: The Dutch will remember these years of betrayal to Brussels. This will not be forgotten.

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4 Responses to Wilders to sue the state over ESM

  1. Josh says:

    Just one word for this legal action based on tort: OUTSTANDING!!

  2. Josh says:

    Tort is the translation for ‘onrechtmatige daad’

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