Tonight I was treated to an episode of ‘Knevel and van de Brink’ featuring a YouTube video (which I won’t favour with a link) of a set ‘new Dutch’ sexually harassing and taunting a girl of 12-13 years old.

I am not even going to comment on the efforts by hosts and guests to downplay the ethnicity and religious background of the perpetrators. That is all too predictable and tiresome.

No, what my objections is, what sent me into a raging tantrum nearly costing the life of a perfectly serviceable flat-screen TV, was the reference, made by one of the hosts, of this being part of a ‘counter-culture’ we have to get to grips with.

See here the glorious evolution of the Dutch! An ethnically Dutch girl of pre-pubescent age is shown defenceless and sobbing, while she is being sexually assaulted by a group of immigrant ‘peers’ and the best we can come up with is: This is part of counter-culture with a different view on sexuality. How is that for abject surrender to barbarity?

And you know the saddest part: Both hosts are members of a Christian-evangelical broadcaster (EO). Both of them profess their Christian beliefs with regularity. Hence, both of them should be able to recognize evil as it occurs.

What a revolting spectacle we have become…

[UPDATE001] EN reporting of the incident in the video here. Someone finally woke up and ordered the arrest of this pond scum. The report has it that the girl in question is 14. I saw a brief clip of the vid in the TV show last night, and I am doubtful. Not that is matters what age the girl was. To the situation at hand her age is completely irrelevant.

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6 Responses to Evolved

  1. DP111 says:

    Once upon a time, offering young girls to dragons was an accepted policy to appease the dragon, so that the dragon would leave rest of the community to live in peace.

    This was in times prehistoric. But in historic times, a similar policy was in force until St George slew the green dragon, and set the road for Europe to lose its fear of the Islamic green dragon. But since when did this policy of offering young girls to the Islamic dragon become active again. Why was this undeclared policy in force.

    What is required now is not just one politician or two that needs to be punished, but whole slew of them. War crime trials were held by the Allies to try German Nazis. But how does one prosecute those who have betrayed their own civilisation, even to the extent of betraying children, whose safety was in their keeping? Nuremberg type trials seem insufficient for such types of crimes.

    After the war, traitors/Quislings found in the countries liberated from the Nazis, were simply executed – after a summary trial. But even these traitors did not betray their own children to the enemy, to be used as sexual sports by them.

    There is something truly hideous about the crimes that has been committed by the establishment of the UK and Sweden and Norway. It is so hideous that no paper can openly state it, for they are either ashamed or complicit ( with the exception of Channel 4).

    • Klein Verzet says:

      I personally still can’t get over the fact that the host, Andries Knevel, a devout Christian, came up with this shocking supposition, excusing the evil that was on display.

      The word ‘counter culture’ still has association with the 1960’s, where members of it, the flower-children, were the harbingers of great societal and political changes. They credit themselves with giving us the freedom we now enjoy (what’s left of it, anyway).

      Using that particular phrase Knevel implied this criminal and repugnant behaviour may seem so, but in reality may be the harbinger of positive change to our society. In what way, FFS? How can behaviour like this bring anything good. How can not punishing crime and evil deeds bring about changes that will be of benefit to us and society. It literally beggars belief.

  2. Please post a link to the video if you’ve got it. People need to see these things before they can react to them.

    • Klein Verzet says:

      AFAIK the vid was pulled from YT. I can’t find it, anyways.

      Truth be told: I didn’t look that hard. The bit I saw on the TV show last night was profoundly heartbreaking to watch. I’d feel bad spreading the images of this poor girl further. Actually, I’d feel soiled.

      You are right that people need to know about this and be confronted with this. But in this case I feel more strongly for the girl, who I don’t want to victimize further. I hope you understand.

  3. DP111 says:


    Though CZ has a point, In this instance you are right. She is already traumatised for life. Let the poor girl be.
    Have you seen this

    If I were the Devil

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