The MSM catches on

Finally somebody in the MSM is noticing the dire state of our benighted continent:

The fault lies primarily with Europe’s governments, which have been pursuing a chimera. They are big, but that does not make them effective. On the contrary, they are hopelessly ineffective at doing what governments have traditionally been there to do – defend citizens against internal and external danger.

Whether it is crime, immigration or defence, the modern European state is a pathetic failure. Big, dithery, expensive – but incompetent. That is the critique from the right. From the left now comes the complaint that the state is failing in its role as provider of “social security”, under the onslaught of globalisation and market pressures.

The decline of Europe is the result of the interaction of economics and politics. Economic prosperity has allowed indulgence in self-destructive habits: degenerate politics have perpetuated the sources of decline, as politicians have dished out various opiates to the people.

As one says: Read it all.

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