A suggestion, not a threat.

Anti-EUnion sentiment is out in the open. Even in Brussels, that natural lair for all EUrocrats. The sticker pictured right was found plastered on a number of EUrocrat cars, which are easily identifiable by their special license plates. The sticker says in French “Eurocrat, make use of your tie”. The pictural element of the sticker makes abundantly clear what particular use is being suggested.

Naturally, EUrocrats are a bit taken aback by this blatant failure to understand the EUnions beneficence.

EU civil service unions have demanded extra protection from a backlash against eurozone austerity measures after stickers telling officials to “go hang themselves” were circulated by a group of unknown Brussels protesters.

Staff unions have written to Herman Van Rompuy, the EU president, after stickers of a hanging official were found with the slogan “Eurocrate, sers-toi de ta cravate” or “Eurocrat, make use of your tie”.

Cars with special licence plates for EU officials have been targeted and civil servants commuting to work in Schuman euro quarter of Brussels have been harassed by activists, thought to be anarchists.

“It is now obvious that the next steps will be physical injuries,” said the letter from Union Syndicale, Federation of European Civil Servants and Renouveau & Démocratie.

The poor dears!

The explanation the EUrocrats themselves offer blames governments of member states asking to re-negotiate cuts to some of their legendary perks. You, us being in a continent- and world-wide economic crisis and all. But we must forget all that. No, the members states protesting are stating “hasty, ill-informed generalisations which can later be easily exploited by populist associations whose only motive is to make the European civil service a scapegoat”.


That is the extent of thinking of your average EUrocrat? Protesting the obscene amount of taxpayers money (by which I mean: OUR money) may be exploited by ‘populist associations’. By these they presumably mean those meany parties that take voters seriously in their disgust with EUnion gluttony, inefficiency, interference in the minutest details of our life and waste. Or, in EUnion speak: those of the ‘extreme right’. And these are trying to ‘scapegoat’ EUrocrats. Do they mean like other segments of the European people in an other time? Are these cretins seriously suggesting EUrocrats are being turned into the ‘new Jews’ ™? They really are despicably small-minded creatures, aren’t they?

But, being not of the unkind sort, I’ll try to explain: You, dear EUrocrat, work for the enemy.

The EUnion isn’t there for us, the people, even as you and the EUnion will never pass up and opportunity to extract more money from us. We don’t count. When we vote along lines the EUnion does not approve of, our vote is deemed a ‘mistake’. After which the EUnion sidelines or ignores the result and even goes so far as to replace democratically elected leaders with puppets of the EUnions choosing.

The EUnion does not allow us using old-fashioned light-bulbs, a petty regulation that does nothing at all, but humiliate us. Moreover, the alternative the EUnion suggests is so poisonous with mercury is has to be disposed of in a manner not unlike the disposal of nuclear waste.

The EUnion does not allow us to smoke in our favourite bar. Even if the bar owners themselves is have no objections. In the process the EUnion has consigned to closure or bankruptcy up to 40% in some areas of bars and nightclubs, making our lives that much poorer.

The EUnion wants, in the name of the green agenda, to install a snooping device into every home, that logs our energy usage every quarter hour. The EUnion wants to install a snooping device into every car, to log our comings and goings. Ostensibly to charge us for road-usage. But let’s be honest: Both are incredible surveillance instruments,aren’t they?

The EUnion is mismanaging the euro-crisis in a way that impoverishes entire peoples in Greece, Spain and Italy, while indebting for years and generations to come the peoples of all the other member states. It does this to prop up voracious, immoral banks and bankers, which ultimately hold up the EUnions sacred love-baby, that utterly dysfunctional and economy-wrecking euro.

The EUnion has saddled us with an internal market, that supposedly boosts commerce and trade. But it then loads it with such an incredible heavy burden of regulations, that the cost of complying with it outweighs the extra revenues of the single market five to one. In the process, only the big guns in any industry survive, while start-ups can’t even begin to compete. Thus market after market is changed into an oligopoly or near-monopoly, leaving us with less choice, but higher prices to pay.

The EUnion has forced us to accept enormous numbers of immigrants form parts of the world where the culture is antithetical to the local cultures in Europe. In doing so, the EUnion has made city after city in Europe less safe and more decrepit. Sometimes to such an extent that entire blocks and quarters are now inaccessible to even the police, ambulance and fire brigade. The EUnion subsequently have made it impossible to kick out even the worst offenders, in the name of Human Rights.

The EUnion does not care for us, or our freedom. It allows us to work to the extent that we are able to pay the taxes that the EUnion needs for its air-fleet, luxury offices, TWO parliament buildings and insane salaries, pensions and expenses. It is a transnational lair of good-for-nothings whose entire raison d’etre seems to be to live the high life and pretend to be kings for as long as they can get away with. In the process it is working actively to take away any power we, the people, are naturally granted to shape the way we are governed. It is a tyrannical organisation, whose workings show stunning parallels with the former Soviet Union. It frightens us.

But when we air our worries, we are not heard. Instead we get the incredibly patronizing way the EUnion treats us, while screwing up every issue it lays its paws on with bureaucratic incompetence and ideological blindness, making our lives unnecessarily miserable. And despite all that the EUnion awards itself the right to take even more of our money for itself, while giving us less choice, less freedom and more surveillance in return.

The EUnion is, in a most literal sense, the enemy of the people in Europe.

And you, dear EUrocrat, work for it. You actively help it to subjugate us and enrich yourselves with money you did not earn, money we earned, but were compelled to hand over by our equally treacherous local governments. Far from being the ‘new Jews’ you are actually the tyrants and collaborators, great and small, we’ve seen so many of in the last century. Our resentment has nothing to do with ‘populist associations’ exploiting whatever, manipulating us like the dumb sheep you think we are. Our resentment is due to you, the work you do and the tax money you burn through while doing it. That is what has earned you the hostility. Not so difficult, is it?

Besides, get a grip will you? The sticker is not a threat, you cry-babies. It is merely a suggestion.

One I fully endorse, by the way.

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3 Responses to A suggestion, not a threat.

  1. dan says:

    Wonderful. I endorse your sentiments wholeheartedly

  2. rodpolisher says:

    EUrocraps should be festooned from the lampposts in Brussels and Strasbourg (and everywhere else they infest) from their ties, with a few tax-free (for them) Euros stuffed into their gaping maws.

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