Bluntly stated

From state broadcaster NOS: Wilders wants Netherlands out of EU (NL).

Geert Wilders wants the Netherlands to leave the European Union. He said this in New York where he is for the presentation of his book about his struggle against islam.

Leaving the European Union will be a key point for the PVV in the coming election campaign, Wilders says. Months ago he already made known he thinks the Netherlands should give up the euro.

Wilders expects the European Union to disintegrate due to the misfortunes surrounding the euro. He thinks it would be better when the Netherlands stays ahead of that moment.

Elsevier magazine adds (NL) that Wilders wants the Netherlands to become member of the European Economic Sphere like Norway, or the European Free Trade Assocation, like Switzerland. This would keep the economic benefits with the added bonus of being master over our own rules, such as immigration, and our own currency.

And suddenly the looming elections look like they will actually be about something: Our membership of the EUnion. You have to admire the man for coming out and stating his views this bluntly.

This is a first, and a momentous one, for the Netherlands. Remember, the Netherlands was a founding nation if the EUnion. Moreover, the Dutch-Belgian initiative to form the Benelux was the trial to practice forming the EUnion. The Netherlands, her political leaders anyway, have always firmly believed in the sort of unitarian, one world government ideology. Fifty years one, a significant political figure (which Wilders is, like it or no) is mobilizing voters against the EUnion. That would have been unheard of as little as five years ago.

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