Bend over

Despite the PVV abandoning the ‘Catshuis agreement’, the austerity measures, the ‘budget cuts’ if you will, are unfortunately not at all dead:

New coalition emerges as talks begin on cutting Dutch deficit.

Three political parties have begun joint talks with finance minister Jan Kees de Jager on cutting government spending by up to €14bn, various newspapers report on Wednesday afternoon.

The D66 Liberal democrats, left-wing greens GroenLinks and small Christian party ChristenUnie have formed a united front to support reforms and cuts in an effort to reduce the budget deficit to below 3%, in line with eurozone rules, the papers say.

To sum up: D66 is flamingly pro-EUnion, GroenLinks will tax everything to fund its Green Dream and the CU is a confused leftard party with delusions of doing Gods work. So it looks like we in our damp corner of the world, will be made to pay more after all. All that is left for us is to bend over and take it like a man. Or something.

I am so tired of this. But fears of repeating myself be damned: Raising taxes is NOT cutting the budget. Cutting the budget means actually, seriously making an effort to reduce the money YOU spend. It is not US that would be left with less money, it is YOU, the government.

With elections looming I find myself quite exasperated. I’d vote PVV if I thought they were serious about reforming government spending, our membership of the EUnion and our independence. But so far I don’t have anything to give me the confidence they do.

All the other parties are factions of the One Party state that is main-stream politics in the Netherlands: Statist, pro-EUnion and exclusively centred on what is good for the party, to the detriment of the good of the nation.

What a sad and miserable spectacle Dutch politics is these days.

[UPDATE001] And there it is: Five party coalition agrees austerity package

The plans include bringing forward the increase in the state pension age, a two percentage point rise in value-added tax (btw) and higher healthcare fees. An extra ‘crisis tax’ for people on high incomes will also be brought in

(more here)

And you know the best part of this sick joke? A number of actual government spending cut-backs that were approved already, are going to be rolled back. That is the plan in a nutshell: You and I pay more, so that the government can spend and spend some more. And the reason we don’t rise up and slaughter them all is…?

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