The end to Danish: A few random thoughts

  • Wilders was absolutely right to not agree to the agreement. It was a piss-poor effort that rolled the costs of this government’s (and the EUnions) mismanagement of the European debt crisis and collateral Euro crisis on the backs of ordinary citizens. Citizens, who were not to blame for this mess, and who were not at all agreed to the way these crises have been handled. This government is spending too much. But no serious effort whatsoever was made to reign in government spending. No reduction in government agencies. A minimal reduction in our considerable foreign aid spending. No cuts in projects of the infernal green agenda, no cuts in the massive subsidies to wind-farms. It was the same tired old remedy that has been with us for over 50 years now: As soon as the government gets itself in trouble, it forces the citizenry to bail it out. That is why the government is now spending 55% of all that we, collectively, earn in a year. It is too much and it needs to stop. This agreement was just another attempt to extort more money from those that actually earn a living, for the benefit of those (like our entire political class) that live of the money the government takes for itself each month. Wilders, for better or for worse, put a stop to it this time.
  • When you look at the whole mess a little, you’ll see that the direct cause of the cabinets fall was Angela Merkels ‘Fiskal Kompakt’ and the iron 3% rule it contained. We have seen (and are seeing) what absolute havoc it is wreaking in Greece and Spain. Why would a Dutch government expose the Dutch people to this misery, when there is no direct necessity to do this? Yes, the budget needs balancing. But make the cuts where they are most needed. A government that is attempting to rape its citizenry to cover up its inability to manage its own finances is a government that needs to be paraded through the streets of The Hague all tarred and feathered like.
  • Seeing as the Fiskal Kompact 3% rule caused this political crisis, there is a strong EUnion component to this crisis. In fact, Wilders put a loud shot across the bow yesterday, when he explicitly stated he did not want the Dutch (specifically, the Dutch elderly, who stood to lose the most) to suffer from ‘dictats of Brussels bureaucrats’. The coming campaign will in all likelihood focus on matters economic. Yesterday, Wilders quite rightfully gave us a strong reminder what entity was responsible for our inability to take matters into our own hands and solve this crisis for ourselves. AP yesterday wrote that the election will be ‘a referendum on the Netherlands’ relationship with Europe and its ailing single currency’. It may well turn out that this is exactly what the coming elections will be about.
  • As much as I rejoiced in the coming into being of the first truly right-wing cabinet since a long time, I have to say that this cabinet has been one of missed opportunities and outright voter betrayal. From the deconstruction of our armed forces, to the selling out of national sovereignty to Brussels and the ESM, up to and including arguing and lobbying for a EUnion budget commissioner that would have sole, unchecked power over national budgets. This cabinet, and its head PM Mark Rutte, has been a bitter, bitter disappointment. And I am glad this cabinet will likely not be around to do even more damage. Now it is up to us, the voters, to cast our judgement.
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2 Responses to The end to Danish: A few random thoughts

  1. DP111 says:

    Now it is up to us, the voters, to cast our judgement.

    That has always been the case. The EU exists because we continued to elect governments that were pro-EU. In France, the disease has got so bad that they continue to elect the poison that has caused the disease.

    Its not too late to put a stop to the EU madness.

    • Klein Verzet says:

      One would hope things are different now. It is quite easy to preach the virtues of the EUnion when things go well and the economy is healthy. It gets a lot more difficult when people see Greece drowning, other countries struggling and our tax money wasted on this futile exercise.

      If (and that could be a big IF, with the MSM and political mediocracy colluding) the EUnion and our relation with it become a campaign issue I foresee great things happening.

      The signs are not discouraging. Today, during the parliamenatry session on the vreak up of the Danish cabinet, it became clear Second Chamber does not support strict adherence to the 3% rule. This would indicate that the dissatisfaction with EUnion, broadly shared outside the The Hague bubble, is finally reaching those inside it.

      Mayhap we’ll see a Second Dutch Revolt in the near future.

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