Venting a spleen

ZeroHedge has been featured on KV regularly in the past for their no-bullshit approach to matters economical. ZH features a Dutch contributor, undertheradar, with the same attitude. It provides some interesting reading. Take for instance his latest: More of the Same in the Lowlands.

I just want to talk about a piddly little country that has always had to fight for every alliance to keep it from being wiped out.

And that means it is working hard on the German alliance right now, that should be clear. Whether the Germans will stab us in the back and bring those truckfulls of DMs to the light of day is a serious question I hope we’re not gullible enough to ignore. Once in a while there’s talk of transfers however no more serious talk about eurobonds. This as the death ball of financial market speculation picks off one lame duck after another. The Germans are not going to be opening up their wallets to buy an extra vacation so the other euro partners have a tiny chance to stave off collapse. They’ve shifted their focus by dumping their top rated gear on the rest of the world. But it is generally acknowledged by the political elite that the euro breaking are rantings by paranoid and insane attention grabbers. Until it happens. Kind of reminds me how those who warned of what might happen and did happen in the fall of 2008 were treated. So we’re doomed to go through another black swan crisis unprepared with plenty of mistakes when the lights go out and we don’t have an action plan. OK, there might be a miracle and the euro is saved. I don’t want to claim I can see into the future.

So I don’t have many insights for you. I’m writing to vent my spleen.

And venting his spleen he does admirably. From the Schrödingers-cat-like political situation in NL, via the dysfunctional private mortgage market to the off-shoring of the ‘social work’ system to places like Poland and China. All of it, apparently to keep banks solvent at all cost. Read it all, as they say.

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  1. DP111 says:


    I find ZeroHedge very difficult to read and understand.

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