Sunday linkage

Here are a couple of links to recent items I thought noteworthy for your Sunday perusal.

First off: That EUnion bail-out money is well spent. In Greece it is used by political parties to fund their campaigns for the upcoming elections there. In Italy, our hard-earned money is used to restore villas and give furniture and televisions to relatives or friends at weddings and other occasions. Says Dr. North:

The money has been supplied by diverse taxpayers, including us – and none of us had any idea that the money would be used to subsidise Greek politicians. Had we been given a choice, none of us would have agreed to it. That, though, doesn’t matter. They are all having a party at our expense – the Party Med.

Our money, their party, and we’re not invited. That’s the way things work now.

ZeroHedge is watching the EUnion with interest, though: Europe’s problems as symptom. Whatever the problems in Europe, Capitalism it most certainly is not.

In his Sunday column, Christopher Booker utterly destroys the once eminent science magazine ‘Nature’ over their now rather long history of failing to uphold even minimum standards when it comes to publishing pro-AGW papers. Elsewhere, climate cartoonist Josh seems to have Michael Manns number.

Come Monday the trial of Anders Breivik, the Utoya killer, will commence. This has prompted Fjordman to shine his light publicly, for the first time in a few months. The Baron has his own take: Circus Breivik is coming to town.

Muslims threaten Eurovision song contest: “Blood of the European scum must be shed by the will of Allah”. And in out small, damp corner of the world muslims are resorting to censoring ‘sexy posters’. Proving once more islam is murderous, hostile, obnoxious and completely obsessed with utter irrelevancies.

In NL, finally, the semi-public sector that is housing comes under some scrutiny: Vestia financial chief arrested for bribery, money laundering. One hopes this will not turn out to be the proverbial sacrificial lamb, after which ‘normalcy’ will once again be pretended. And one dreams of the re-institution of public hangings for such gross abuse of office and public money. Maybe that’ll keep the egregious, amoral scum somewhat behaved.

And we end this Sunday linkage with (good!) advise from John Ward regarding MSM news:

We must ignore all the controlling extremists telling us that our own empirical observations are in fact nothing more than illusions created by pre-formed bigotry. Hands-on and live-as-it-happened experience is invaluable….and the internet-based contrary view an alternative to lazy MSM coverage that parrots a triple-filtered reality. More than that, they are the key that will unlock the truth in a future where, quite possibly, all news will become universally accepted water maintained at the perfect temperature for having a relaxing soak at the end of a long and pointless day’s work.

Have a good Sunday.

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2 Responses to Sunday linkage

  1. DP111 says:

    Our money, their party, and we’re not invited. That’s the way things work now.

    Oh KV, dont be so bitter. You will be invited, and me too, plus all all the hard working peasants, when the bill comes in. We will be all invited to pay the bill, while they keep the tip.

    Isn’t our leadership wonderful – always thinking about us.

    • Klein Verzet says:

      Isn’t our leadership wonderful – always thinking about us.

      Yes, I really wish they would stop doing that. I don’t think many of us can afford this close and caring attention.

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