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Our insight for this Sunday comes to us from Cheradenine Zakalwe, who owns the blog Islam versus Europe: “Nations are not Constructed by Islam but Deconstructed”. It is a good argument for the premise that ideas matter. That the grand ideas and philosophy on which a nation is built and according to which a people try to shape their world will have a profound effect on the ability to achieve and uphold life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness

The particular insight is quoted from Adrian Hastings’ book “The Construction of Nationhood – Ethnicity, Religion and Nationalism”. In this book, the author discusses the historical role of religions in shaping a sense of nationhood.

Christianity has of its nature been a shaper of nations, even of nationalisms; Islam has not, being on the contrary quite profoundly anti-national. A great deal of vague discussion about the relationship between religion and nationalism is blighted by the easy assumption that every religion is likely to have the same sort of political effect. It is not so.

…Not only was the explicit model of Islam together with its early history opposed to anything like a multitude of nation-states, unlike Christianity, it was also opposed to linguistic diversity. Its culture was not one of translation but of assimilation.

…The Muslim attitude to the Qur’an made translation almost impossible. For the religion person it has to be read, recited out loud five times a day, or listened to in Arabic. In consequence the whole cultural impact of Islam is necessarily to Arabise, to draw peoples into a single world community of language and government. And this is what it did. Even the language of Egypt disappeared before it, except as a Christian liturgical language. Nations are not constructed by Islam but deconstructed.

When we look at islam we see a body of ideas which is fundamentally trying to achieve world domination under one reign. This trait it has in common with other such grand, but ultimately disastrous ideas, like bolshevism or national-socialism. Zakalwe illustrates the awkwardly close parallel between islam and marxism with a quote from Kalim Saddiqui:

Today we come face to face with perhaps the greatest evil that stalks the modern world – that of nationalism … The path of the Ummah and that of the Islamic movement within the Ummah … is blocked by nation-states. These nation-states are like huge boulders blown across our path by the ill wind of recent history. All nation-states that today occupy, enslave and exploit the lands, peoples and resources of the Ummah must of necessity be dismantled.

Changing words, replacing ‘Ummah’ with people and ‘Islamic’ with ‘Marxist’, the text looks frighteningly familiar.

This ideal of a unified government is also shared by the UN and the EUnion. Both entities seek to subsume and ultimately abolish nation states and bring all under a unified governmental body. Which should give us pause.

Islam has shown in its history and even in current events, what a barren, fruitless set of ideas it really is. At the bottom of the list of nations by wealth, we find islamic countries grossly overrepresented. Human rights are trod on on a daily basis in most islamic countries. Original thought is disallowed, discouraged and stamped out. If the EUnion takes its cues from such a systematically failing philosophy, should we agree with this? Should we allow this to happen?

(with thanks to reader DP111)

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6 Responses to Sunday insight

  1. DP111 says:

    Adrian Hastings’ thesis that Christianity is the reason for the birth of nationalism and the modern nation, does make sense. The Bible after all was for centuries, the main book for all Europeans who could read. It provided the ideas of nationhood, freedoms, secularism, abolition of slavery, serfdom, humane treatment of POWs, the wounded, and much more. It was also the main impetus for universal education.

    Islam on the other hand, is against diversity in all forms. It insists on Arabic, and one thought under one law – sharia. A caliphate is and was, the logical result. It is this reason that bin Laden bemoaned the fall of the Ottoman empire, and advocated the re-birth of the caliphate – an empire under one law – that of sharia.

    However, Britain, the ultimate nation state, defeated, and then proceeded to destroy the Ottoman empire, and replaced it with nation states, basing them loosely on racial and tribal allegiance. The Netherlands, as Adrian Hastings points out, was along with England, embraced the idea of the nation state and nationalism.

    The result, as the knowledgeable Muslim bemoans, “are like huge boulders blown across our path by the ill wind of recent history“.

    Indeed they are.

    Quite unwittingly, Christianity, has stymied the re-unification of Muslim states.

    So what is the state of play today. As Muslim nations are unlikely to give up their nation states, for the simple reason that the leaders are unlikely to give up their dictatorial powers to a supreme pasha, Turkey (naturally), is campaigning vigorously that the OIC is given a permanent seat in the Security Council. Along with this campaign is the EU, which too wishes to have a permanent seat in SC.

    As a first step, the EU must not have a permanent seat, as that would provide the necessary precedent.

    Fortunately, none of the permanent members of the SC wish to have their powers diluted. So all stumped for the moment.

  2. DP111 says:

    If the EUnion takes its cues from such a systematically failing philosophy, should we agree with this? Should we allow this to happen?

    No we shouldn’t. But how does one have an input into an organisation such as the EU, which was expressly designed not to have any such inputs. It has a Firewall which does not let the wishes of the people get inside. It it has a visceral hatred of all referendums, unless they are vigorously controlled to give the desired result.

    Fortunately, the Euro crisis will be undoing of the EU as a whole. We just have to be patient, and do our best to encourage the EU in even more wasteful spending. It will of course be pointed out that no such encouragement is needed. Even better.

  3. DP111 says:

    By coincidence, Vladtepes points to this lecture

    The legacy of socialism

  4. DP111 says:


    This is worth listening to.
    It is appropriate in the larger context of the present thread

    The legacy of socialism

  5. DP111 says:

    The evils of communism/socialism have been known since the 70′s. The sheer scale of the holocaust perpetrated by the communists has no parallel in history. That too is well known. Yet the MSM, and in particular the standard bearer, the BBC, a hive of well paid socialists, has never ever addressed it, in the fullness, and time, that such a despicable ideology should have been.

    What this lecture does very well is its condemnation of the The Big Holocaust, perpetrated by the communists, as well as the silence of the supposedly objective academia and MSM. It does so with restrained anger. The entire world should be made aware of the genocidal crimes of the communists/socialists, when they achieve power. The lesson should be repeated every five years for the next crop of young people.

    Coming to some real life issues

    1. The mixed economy of the Scandinavian countries – will they able to sustain the model with the huge increase in Diversity of the population growth – this also has been a point of discussion in blogs. Will the Scandinavian model survive, with a population that believes that Jizya is their right, and the Infidels duty to pay it?

    2. The Arab Spring – here the answer ignores the reality of Islam. In Muslim countries, a totalitarian sharia state is a collective, as well as an individual desire by the vast majority of the population.

    Most importantly, is the question – What is or are, the well springs of the free, liberal and prosperous state the West finds itself in. Is it just happenstance, a work of nature, or something deeper.

    • Klein Verzet says:

      What is or are, the well springs of the free, liberal and prosperous state the West finds itself in. Is it just happenstance, a work of nature, or something deeper.

      You’ll probably have guessed my answer to this question: I firmly believe the principles springing from Christian theology are eminently sensible and evidently work. And our abandonng those principles will be our undoing.

      I agree with you on the scandal of downplaying the body count of socialism throughout the 20th century. Growing up in a country where the biggest traumas were the german occupation during WW2 and the annihilation of our Jewish compatriots, I was quite shocked to find, reading Solzhenytsins Gulag Archipelago, there was something much worse. Moreover, that ‘something much worse’ had a seat at the UN SC among civilzed nations and was treated as if it was a respectable regime. Back then, when I was 14 or 15, the hypocrisy of it was angering and sickening. And it still is today.

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