Wilders trial: Final end

And thus we arrive at the whimper that marks the end to a sad, awkward, absurdity that has marred the reputation, at home as much as it did abroad, of the justice system (not to mention the wider governing system) of the Netherlands. From Elsevier (NL) we learn that the appeal, requested by lawyer Gerard Spong on behalf of a number of plaintiffs, has been denied by the Hoge Raad (the High Council).

The Public Prosecutors office had requested acquittal on all counts for Wilders. Because neither the PP, nor the defendant wanted to appeal, the case seemed closed. But the Attorney-General has investigated the possibility to request the High Council to judge if the law has been applied correctly.

The attorney-general wrote to Spong that an appeal ‘on behalf of the law’ should be approached with restraint, all the more so in view of Wilders’ status as an acquitted suspect.

An appeal ‘on behalf of the law’ (NL) is a particular form of appeal, which can be brought forward by the Attorney-General. This is used in cases where it is perceived that the High Council needs to review a ruling of a lower court for compliance with the body of law and jurisprudence.

If you’re interested the AG’s letter to Spong is here (pdf; NL). The finer legal points of all this escape me, I’m afraid. And in all honesty: When the book about the trial(s) is written, this bit will merit a footnote, at best. But this news marks the definitive end of what has become known world-wide as The Wilders Trial. Finally.

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2 Responses to Wilders trial: Final end

  1. DP111 says:

    Wilders – The Great Heresy trial of the 21st century.

    Wilders questions the known “fact” that the universe revolves about Brussels.

    I’m waiting for the movie, or at least the DVD.

    • Yeah, I’d watch that. The perfect blend of ‘A Few Good Men’ (You can’t HANDLE the truth) and Monty Python at the Rose Bowl (I’d like some subsidy for my silly walk). That just has got to be a legendary film.

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