Moving house

Recently Google, owner of Blogger, made changes to its business model. Changes I, being a freedom and independence minded person, cannot agree with.

Hence KV is moving house. It isn’t quite done yet. Some remodelling is still to be done. Some nice wallpaper and amenities still need to be put up. Over the coming days and weeks I’ll put the finishing touches on it.

I hope to see you all on the other side (site).

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5 Responses to Moving house

  1. Snouck says:

    Nice new blog you have there. What specific complaint do you have against blogger?



    • Not something specific. More a general feeling of unease about the direction Google is going. About a month ago I started getting notices about their new privacy policy, setting out that new members of any of Googles services was obliged to make a Google account, including (non-optional) gmail and G+. The thing about G+ is: I can’t create an account for KV because it doesn’t allow ‘anonymous’ nicknames. I kinda value my privacy, keeping KV and Real Life ™ separate.

      Granted, this wasn’t for those already using the services, but I decided not to wait around for them to force me retro-actively to comply with their new ‘privacy’ policy. Hence the switch-over.

      Glad you like the new hangout!

  2. Snouck says:

    You are right about the loss of anonymity.

    Here is some aditional reading:
    and here

    Besides WordPress is a fantastic platform, far superior to boring old blogger.

    Perhaps you could transfer your old posts?

  3. Probably a smart move KV, I’m keeping an eye on Google’s ‘privacy’ developments too.

    Nice look and feel to the new site too.

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