Heartfelt and necessary

John Ward of The Slog makes a plea we at KV heartily endorse and think eminently necessary:

As Ed West observes, sociological commentator Charles Murray’s new book on US society audits how – among many other profoundly disturbing changes – since the 1960s America’s society has cracked into three parts, with a broad middle class separating a super-rich elite and a growing underclass.

Big is winning. Material greed is winning. Goldman Sachs is winning. Venizelos is bribing. 11,000 Greeks are losing their pensions. Society is losing. Communities are losing. Families are losing.

Civilisation is ending.

Help this site and others like it turn that last prediction into a self-denying prophecy. Do something.

As Mr. Ward observes, it is no good asking ‘How?’. Take a look around, realize the situation you are in, and take measures that are in accordance with you and your beliefs and dreams. To your own self be true!

But if you must have a little inspiration: In the comments to this particular item there are some good suggestions.

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