Rotten scoundrels and liars

Some news from the wire (in this case Reuters) that has been completely ignored and/or suppressed by the (slavish? sycophantic?) Dutch MSM: Dutch FinMin willing to increase euro rescue fund ESM

Dutch Finance Minister Jan Kees de Jager said on Wednesday the Netherlands was willing and ready to increase the euro zone rescue fund, or European Stability Mechanism, but that Germany was still against doing so.

“Germany does not yet find it politically opportunistic,” De Jager said in parliament.

“If there is a possibility to increase the emergency fund we will do it very quickly. This is also supported by a majority in parliament,” De Jager said.

Which makes De Jager a rotten scoundrel and a liar. Because this is what he said in January:

Finance minister De Jager said the Netherlands will not put extra money in the European emergency fund EFSF. (…) According to De Jager there are too few credit worthy countries to guarantee a AAA-status of the emergency fund. The burden will fall mostly on the shoulders of the Netherlands and Germany, he said.

But I guess it’s always easy to throw around a few billions, when it isn’t your money. What was it that Thatcher said of socialists: They always run out of other peoples money. Seeing as De Jager seems to be hell bent on running out of OUR hard-earned money, it would seem he fits Mrs. Thatchers definition quite nicely, thank you.

Elsewhere, it seems that the government has started pre-emptively with the campaign against the referendum called for by Wilders last Monday. A ‘poll’ was published today, which ‘showed’ that 61% of the Dutch would vote against a return to the guilder in a referendum. A full 54% of the Dutch supposedly don’t want a referendum to begin with.

I am hedging on the results because the outfit carrying out the poll (among 1200 voters) has a rep to protect where coming up with results the elites want to hear is concerned. Another rotten scoundrel and liar, hence. The comments under the Elsevier item are a blast to read. Virtually none of the commenter lends the results any credibility. But it gives our government (or rather, our local puppets acting on behalf of our supreme government in Brussels) the excuse it needs to ignore calls of a referendum. Isn’t that just neat and handy?

But that argument can be turned around. If the government has convinced itself the euro will prevail in a referendum, why not hold it and claim the democratic legitimacy? Come on, you cowards! Give us that referendum!

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  1. "I am hedging on the results because the outfit carrying out the poll (among 1200 voters) has a rep to protect where coming up with results the elites want to hear is concerned. "Hell, KV we got more than one of them in the UK – Kellner of YouGov who married to Ashton, as but one example.When Cameron said that We're all in it together he was being his normal disingenuous self! 

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