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Too good to not pass on.

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4 Responses to Repost

  1. DP111 says:

    Says it all. Once the consent of the ruled is withdraw, the game is up. Brilliant cartoon. The EU in that sense, and in that sense alone, is immune, as it never had, and has never looked for the consent of the governed.

  2. DP111 says:

    OT butBBC's blatent agitpropThe Home Affairs Committee have just published a report on tackling violent extremism. "Roots of Radicalism" is published on the Parliamentary website, and presumably news organisations were given advance access to the embargoed version to allow them to craft suitably considered articles. The majority of the MSM, even the Guardian, correctly introduce the report as being primarily concerned with Islamic extremism. A rough reading suggests that some 98% of the report is about Islamic extremism. So how do you imagine the BBC reports the publication on its website? Correct. "MPs fear far right terror threat". As a distortion of the truth, it's up there with "WWII bomber found on Moon" and "Freddie Starr ate my hamster". threat from left wing terroristsEuropol predict an increasing threat to the UK from left wing and anarchist terrorism. In their most recent analysis of terrorist threats throughout Europe, analysing attacks and terrorist activity in 2010, red terrorists were responsible for some 45 attacks resulting in six fatalities, including a Greek police officer. The same report shows zero activity for right wing terrorists in Europe during the same period.

  3. Klein Verzet says:

    The fact that the EUnion has never sought the consensus of the people does in no way imply that it doesn't need said consent. Even the most vicious regime the world has ever seen, Bolshevik USSR in the end fell because even the frightened and privileged stopped believing. Sometimes, when I talk to (non-blogreading) people, I get the sense we are nearing that point with the EUnion as well.

  4. DP111 says:

    KV wrote: Even the most vicious regime the world has ever seen, Bolshevik USSR in the end fell because even the frightened and privileged stopped believing.True. The USSR had an election system, though totally rigged. That in itself led to its demise, as the premise of the consent of the ruled, was a requirement.I do not know, but was the EUSSR designed with above in mind – that is to eliminate that fault? I'm no expert on the EU, so will have to rely on expertise. 

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