Worse then Lysenkoism

As the emails released in Climategate II are being scrutinized and poured over around the world, something quite sinister has cropped up.

Over on WUWT one Gail Combs pulled a thread that is fast unravelling the veil and revealing the ‘invisible hand’ behind the AGW scam: World Bank, Global Warming, Journals, and CRU.

At http://foia2011.org I searched for worldbank.org and found 32 e-mails going back as far as 1998. I have only looked at three so far. Looks like the good old World Bank may be something of a puppet master.

One of the emails dug up by Gail is one by Robert Watson (World Bank, formerly IPCC) apparently telling Rajendra Pachauri what to in the AR4 put Summary for Policymakers. Then there’s a second email, by a Kenneth M. Chomitz of the World Bank, interfering with how a peer reviewed journal is run.

In itself this is a remarkable find. The contra-AGW camp is often accused of having access to the deep pockets of Big Oil. From these finds it seems that the pro-AGW camp has access to even deeper, more influential pockets! Oh, the hypocrisy…

In the comments there are several people reporting what they find as they pick up the trail sniffed out by Gail. And it is in the comments where things start to get really interesting. What it lays bare is quite concerning (and food for no end of conspiracy theories). At the very least it provides strong circumstantial evidence that the whole AGW scare is indeed a push for One World government. And not one of the freedom loving kind, either.

There’s too much in the entire threat to replicate here. To summarize: It shows possible connections between the UN, various NGO’s, the World Bank, Big Wall Street (Goldman-Sachs is cropping up here as well) and Big Industry, Big Oil even. Head on over and take it all in. Commenter ‘Robert from Ottawa’ says it is worse then Lysenkoism. That is exactly the impression one is left with after reading it all. It is worse then mere, blinkered Lysenkoism. Much, much worse, in fact.

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4 Responses to Worse then Lysenkoism

  1. Morningstar says:

    I collect on fantasy art to my computer. Do you know who that painter is?

  2. Klein Verzet says:

    It's Kip Ayers. Got the picture via a google search phrase. Here's the link where I found it. You have to scroll down a bit. The original is 1250 X 1190. The artists site is here.

  3. DP111 says:

    Over a year ago I had suspicions that the CRU mugs were just puppets Of course, when there is easy money to be made by robbingthe ordinary taxpayer, merchant banks will not be far behind. Then there arethe power utilities. They have been assigned to collect the booty via ourenergy bills. Guess what? They dont itemise the bill by stating how much of thebill is made up of Greeny taxes. Oh no they dont- for they will charge thegovernment (us again), for doing the dirty, and then add on 10% say foradministration. Its a nice earner, chiselled out from a captive population.That is the compact between the government and your energy supplier – they wontitemise, and the government will let them get a slice of the action. Scam isnot the word – its corruption and conspiracy.  We must not forget the EU, which intends to grab a slice ofthis windfall. Then there is the UN, which will also get a slice of thebonanza. Its way too good a scam to be lightly thrown away. One would expectthe BBC (again funded by us), to be a voice of the people, to raise the issue.Forget it, they get their subsidy from the government, and will not rock theboat. The thieves are in government. They control the police, andif you dont pay, then one can expect a police squad. 

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