Should we? Or should we not?

In Britain the patience with the political class is running dangerously low. So low, in fact, that he Albion Alliance has started an initiative to inventory the enemy within the gates.

As the EU enters its final death throes and resorts to intimidation, deception, alarmist and anti democratic power grabs, including the installation of non elected prime ministers, and as the Government of the United Kingdom continually deny the people their voice regarding the EU, those responsible for the demise of the United Kingdom as a free and sovereign state are to be named and shamed.

A new database of United Kingdom collaborators with the EU is to be established, to collect information on those individuals, groups and corporations that have aided and abetted the demise of the UK, who have worked on establishing a supranational State over and above our own sovereign United Kingdom, who have conspired to impose authoritarianism upon the people of the United Kingdom and who have conspired to give away the sovereignty of the people which is on loan to our parliament.

We will also be seeking their prosecution and accountability under the laws of THIS land, following due process of law.

Witterings from Witney asked us if this isn’t something to try in our damp corner of the world.

Truth be told, I have toyed with an idea along similar lines. I would love the idea of bringing to account those in Dutch recent political history that were complicit in selling out our country, subverting the consent of the people in the process. On occasion, I like to day-dream about a parliamentary inquiry, followed by indictments and judicial trials. And if the odd trial ends with an execution at dawn, I will not shed a tear. The betrayal of all that we once were is just too great.

This is not an easy task. There are many, MANY of them. On all levels of government. For a lonely part-time blog such as KV the task is a daunting one. However, exposing them may serve a purpose in educating the people whom to trust, or not.

As WfW notes: The thing that they fear most is publicity, to have the bright light of public exposure shone upon their actions. It is time to expose this evil at every level. At the supranational, national, regional and local levels for all to see and act against. So shun them, exclude them from your community, eject them from your pub or club, turn your back on them, give them no space and keep shining the light on them, and let everyone know who the traitors are.

So I am throwing the question out there: Should we, or shouldn’t we start a process of documentation? If so, how? In what form? And if you, dear reader, think we should, would you be willing to help out?

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3 Responses to Should we? Or should we not?

  1. IanPJ says:

    Yes, we may be able to help.

  2. Thanks for the link KV which was a cross-post with Ian PJ. As Ian says we can probably help you, once we are up and running.

  3. Klein Verzet says:

    Thanks you two. Maybe we can make this is a cross-border thing.

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