Your country needs you – A guest post

Long time friend, commenter at KV, and blogger Fifteen Heretics, has asked us if we would publish a guest post about his involvement in a UK political party that is a true analogue to the Dutch PVV or the German ‘Die Freiheit’. It’s an interesting and hopeful initiative, deserving of a little attention. So, as a rare exception, KV will do politics not as just a cynical spectator. Mr. FH has the floor:

I would like to thank Klein Verzet for giving me the chance to publish this on his blog. Obviously the opinions expressed in this article and those in the linked sites are not necessarily those of Klein Verzet.

Your country needs you

It’s quite absurd really. Britain, dateline 2011, is run by gutless coward politicians who are totally out of touch. It really doesn’t matter which party you choose.

None of them will get Britain out of the EU or do what is really necessary to stop mass-immigration or reverse the effects of multi-culturalism.

None of them will restore our armed forces to the level where they can protect Britain’s interests at home and abroad or stop the senseless and probably illegal foreign wars.

None of them will do enough to help our elderly or handicapped people although they find literally BILLIONS to throw down the bottomless pit that is foreign aid.

None of them will do anything to stop the stultifying political correctness that pervades what now passes as debate or increasing politicisation of public services.

Or stand up to the crook bankers and put ordinary people first, or stop putting criminal’s rights ahead of those of their victims, or fight the islamification of Europe.

The list is endless.

I mean really: it is totally and absolutely incomprehensible how we could have got into this state. And the worse thing is that it is self-preserving. We are locked into a downward spiral and the mainstream parties are pathologically incapable of changing tack. They caused the problem. They are, to use a much over used phrase, a part of the problem and they can, by definition, not be part of the solution.

I expect that you are as frustrated and angry as me about this state of affairs. But not many of us actually DO anything about it.

Instead of sticking our heads in the sand and praying that it’ll all go away we need to do something. Doing nothing is now no longer an option and it is important for all of us who care to do whatever it is we can.

If you are a British expatriate you might feel that there is not much you can do. Nothing however could be further from the truth.

A new nationalist political party, the British Freedom Party has been established.

I think I know, what you’re thinking. There have been nationalist parties which have come and gone in the past of course, some lumbered with the baggage of financial impropriety, others which were seen simply as single issue campaigning parties and a few which propounded forms of racial extremism which repelled ordinary, decent people. Correctly so!

But the British Freedom Party is the first party to offer sensible, moderate and principled nationalist policies whilst being firmly determined to reverse the wrongs of the past forty years.

It’s culture and not colour that matters.

Go and judge for yourselves. This is our chance to make a difference.

Firstly please feel free to visit British Freedom’s website here. Have a nose around, read some of the articles and the policies and get a feel for what we’re about. I think you’ll like what you read. Obviously you can support the party the most by joining or donating.

Secondly, go to the Facebook page. Don’t forget to hit the ‘like’ button.

Thirdly follow British Freedom on Twitter.

An introduction to British Freedom can be found here.

I am also interested in forming a group in the Netherlands of supporters and those sympathetic to British Freedom. If you are interested in helping create or join a British Freedom group please feel free to contact me here.

This invitation is open to all and is not limited to British nationals.

The Dutch, of course are light years ahead at the moment. With Geert Wilders the Dutch have found a politician who is a powerful advocate in the defence of their culture and heritage.

If you are a like-minded Dutch patriot and would like to keep in touch with what is happening in Britain please follow and support British Freedom.

If you would like to get in touch with me please mail me at this address.

Thank you!

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5 Responses to Your country needs you – A guest post

  1. Morningstar says:

    At least you have an army left. Here in Sweden we have, except for those troops in Afghanistan and Libya only 4-5000 total on our own soil. Just enough to protect Stockholm for as long as it takes for the traitors to escape. The rest of us are just sitting ducks here waiting for the pislamic coup d'etat.

  2. DP111 says:

    Fifteen HereticsSome questions1. Why Fifteen Heretics and why "Heretics"? What exactly is heretic about being nationalist?2. Nationalist or "Traditionalist"?3. What grass roots support is there and how many support troops? 4. Financial support? Without major backers a party stands no chance.5. Any major public persons involved or likely to support?Geert Wilders was already a politician with public recognition. He formed his party with him at the centre? How do you think it will go for you in the UK where the BBC has virtual monopoly in propaganda.

  3. 1.       1) I shouldn’t take too much notice ofthe heretic thing. It has no real significance although the politics ofidentity and culture is close to heresy for many in what passes as mainstream politicsthese days.2.       2)Where does one end and the otherstart? How much does one automatically include the other? I know a little oldlady who is nothing short of a white supremacist but refuses to considerherself as anything other than an old fashioned Tory. Best thing is not to paytoo much attention to labels, but look at the policies. After all they bestdefine any party.  33)3.       3) British Freedom is a small newparty. In the last year a number of nationalist groupings have started up inBritain, some have failed already. British Freedom does have a significantskills base (IT, Legal, Organisation etc.) which gives it an advantage overother similar parties whose enthusiasm can’t quite overcome their amateurism. Forthis reason I think they are best placed to survive the shake down of the firstmonths and years than any other party. There is grass root support and this is being slowly turned into numbersbut no one will pretend that it’s going to be simple. Branches are being openedup throughout Britain.4.       4) Finance could be an issue. Theinitial start- up costs have all been met (registration, web design, literature,equipment). But sure, to develop a party needs cash and I am not aware of anybig backers yet. 5.      5)  No established politician in the UKwill support ANY party which looks even vaguely nationalist. They are, in myopinion cowards. This despite a number of commentators and politicians makingstatements that could be right off the British Freedom web site. In thisrespect you mustn’t underestimate the effect the FPTP electoral system has onvoting patterns. GeertWilders is a brave man. To go from established VVD maverick MP to set up hisown anti-islam party and to take it to the second largest in the Netherlands withina decade or so is nothing short of miraculous. It does however illustrate howmuch support there is (latent or otherwise) for his type of thinking.  I see no reason why there shouldn’t be this levelof support in the UK, although as mentioned above the FPTP system plays a significantroll in keeping it in check.Publicity!The BBC is widely understood to be a biased left wing propaganda organisation. Unlikeother nationalist parties however British Freedom does not have the baggagewith which it can be perpetually attacked nor is it a racial based nationalism.I see no reason why other media outlets shouldn’t give it a reasonable hearing.In addition there are other ways of getting the message out. One generalpoint: There are undoubtedly mountains to climb and rivers to be traversed whichwill not always be easy. But to use that as a reason to do nothing is nothelpful. At the very least being part of British Freedom keeps the eye in andbuilds up experience and knowledge that will be useful for the future. Inaddition at least I can put my hand on my heart and say “I tried”.

  4. DP111 says:

    FHThanks for taking the time to reply. Will mull things over.Meanwhile – you have noted that startup parties have a mountain to climb, and many have collapsed. Shouldn't you take that as a warning, that your massive effort in time, worry and sacrifice,  could end up in the same end, unless you formed an alliance of like minded or even disparate parties that are struggling to get on the first rung.  There is no doubt that something has to be done, or this cabal of LibLabCon will be the death of the nation. I keep thinking of The Lord of the Rings. Here we had a force of the Dark so powerful that it became necessary for an alliance of the most unlikely people – Hobbits, humans, elves, dwarfs and a wizard, to stand even a ghostly chance to destroy it. The EU and Islam are the Twin towers.  

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