Europe needs a revolution

Pat Condell arguing that the current political order in Europe needs to be overthrown.

One minor quibble I have with Mr. Condells item: Votes do no equal democracy. Richard North sees the same flaw in the argument, saying that we need to understand that electing officials does not a democracy make. Democracy, is not about choosing officials, but of controlling them once they are in office.

And it is that control we lack. Currently our leaders do not fear the people, do not even respect the people. Our governors should (re-)learn to fear us. We need to re-establish control over our leaders.

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3 Responses to Europe needs a revolution

  1. DP111 says:

    The only way to exercise control over politicians is not to allow them tomake tax policy, or give them authority to spend taxpayers money. Then it is irrelevant if we exercise control over them or not. In fact it isbest to let them have freedom of expression and action. They will then become normal citizens, and we will no longer have an "us and them" mentality. That is how the Swiss Direct democracy system works. The citizens set the the rate of taxation and the spend. Majority of the taxes are raised at the canton level, and the money is spent on itemised items within the canton. This makes the entire system local and accessible.The antithesis of the Swiss system is a EU type of government.

  2. Klein Verzet says:

    DP, exactly! Basically that is the core idea of referism: Have the population decide on government budgets and income. That gives the control back to the people.

  3. DP111 says:

    The business of exercising control means that we have toappoint people to watch over elected politicians. Then who is going to watchthe watchers? It also means that politician, who afterall are citizens as well, will be the few people who will have someone delegated to watch them. This means they wont be equal citizens anymore.The Swiss Direct democracy, in an imperfect world, is best.It has been tried and tested over a great length of time. Modifications willhave to take place for a nation's idiosyncrasies, but these will be done byreferenda, and not by politicians or wise persons of note. The question is – how do we bring it about?

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