I am Fjordman says Peder Jensen

Breaking news: Fjordman has given up his alias; his real name is Peder Jensen (36). He has given an interview in newspaper VG.no that, with his agreement, also published a photo of him. The decision to go public with his real identity comes after he was questioned for hours by Norwegian police about his supposed interaction with terrorist Breivik who in his 1200+ pages cited several works of Fjordman.

Fjordman told the newspaper that not even friends and family knew about his blogging activities and that he has warned them prior to this interview. He himself will now for his own personal safety go into hiding.

Fjordman interview

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[UPDATE001 – KV] Here are a couple of items in EN on the outing of Fjordman:

Breivik police question ‘Fjordman’
Breivik’s alleged influence offers to help police
‘Fjordman’ reveals identity

[UPDATE002 – KV] Here’s the news from Gates of Vienna: The Forced Resignation of Fjordman

[UPDATE003 – KV] Well, this makes for a bit chilling read: Fjordman: My Afternoon With The Police

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5 Responses to I am Fjordman says Peder Jensen

  1. Philip Zhao says:

    For a Chinese to try to understand Western democracy, this is simply a joke !!

  2. Klein Verzet says:

    Hi Philip,This is what the slide from democracy and rule of law into naked oppression looks like.

  3. Whitey says:

    I haven't understood why he gave up his anonymity, even now anyone has the 'right to remain silent' if it might incriminate them. The left will hunt him down…

  4. Klein Verzet says:

    As far as I understand it, his was a pre-emptive outing. He was on the verge of being outed anyways. In such circumstances I can see the merits of standing up and not trying to slink back into an anonymity that has become elusive. It always is better to face the threat head on, rather then being shot in the back while trying to flee.Fjordman is eminently aware of the danger he's in. Which is why he has gone underground. That bare fact, in and of itself, is all the condemnation you need for the current political system in Europe.

  5. DP111 says:

    Fjordman is eminently aware of the danger he's in. Which is why he has gone underground. That bare fact, in and of itself, is all the condemnation you need for the current political system in Europe.For a long time I have stated that fear is the key, whichMuslims have used to subjugate Western society. Even though Muslims are aminority, they are united, and around a central authority – the mosque. It isthus a war between a united force, which is also armed, against a large groupof disorganised and disunited individuals. This is a “no contest”. Moreover,Muslims have the support of 50 odd Muslim countries, and have also shown thatthey are not averse to using lethal force. The shocking rise in rapes committed by immigrants has beenhushed up by the MSM. If these rapes had been committed by white Christians, wenever would have heard the end of it. Feminists would have been screaming fromthe rooftops. And quite rightly too. But these are immigrants. And not any old immigrants either,but Muslim immigrants, the very chosen of allah. Infidel females are given tothe chosen of allah by divine right of allah. And if they dont get them, theyare quite likely to slit throats or bomb the train station. So the Feminists are struck dumb with fear. The politiciansare paralysed by fear. And the journalists are petrified by FEAR. FEAR is the key. The fear of not being liberal. The fear ofnot being PC. And above all, the fear of being beheaded. Our society is now like a dead man walking. Unless this fearis confronted, we are as good as dead.

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