Shutting the valves

So, yesterday I wrote:

An agent provocateur seeking to discredit the right-wing conservative sliver of the European political spectrum would have a hard time doing a better job. It is the perfect excuse to persecute and silence opposing voices… We’re heading for dark days.

And today we find indications that dusk is indeed setting.

Via EURef we get the delightful news that in the Guardian one Thomas Hylland Eriksen writes:”anyone familiar with the darker waters of the blogosphere would for years have been aware of the existence of a vibrant cyberscene characterised by unmitigated hatred of the new Europe, aggressive denunciations of the ‘corrupted, multiculturalist power elites’ and pejorative generalisations about immigrants, targeting Muslims in particular”

Breivik must willingly have allowed himself to be brainwashed by Islamophobic and extreme rightwing websites. However, had he instead been forced to receive his information through a broadsheet newspaper, where not all the stories dealt with Europe’s loss of confidence and the rise of militant Islam, it is conceivable that his world would have looked slightly different.

No, you read that correctly: Had Breivik been forced to gather his news from the MSM only, he might not have gone over the edge. It is all so clear now: it’s the fault of the blogosphere! It my fault!

Excuse me while a retreat to a small dark room to flagellate myself, wail uncontrollably and gnash my teeth.

All joking aside, as Dr. North writes: This is seriously scary stuff. A world where the MSM retains its monopoly as information providers, where “citizen journalists” are corralled and then banned where they do not follow the approved path: This is the voice of a new totalitarianism.

Attempts to regulate the internet are not new, as Witterings from Witney reminds us.

Unfortunately what the events in Norway have done is to provide politicians with the ideal opportunity to control that which they fear most – free speech.

In May the Guardian reported that Nicholas Sarkozy had called for international regulation of the web, at the G8 summit, something David Cameron was reported to be against. Forward to July and the Guardian reports that David Cameron is in favour of press regulation, but one regulated by an independent body that is free from government interference – although we have yet to see any ‘independent’ body that is free from government interference, one way or the other.

As the EURef post shows, the Norway atrocity may be the catalyst in a renewed, re-invigorated drive to shut down independent bloggers, independent thought. To drive it underground even further.

But that will only worsen the situation. Democracy and free speech are the pressure valves used to let off the feelings of frustration of the disenfranchised and the dissenters. Remove them, and you have a pressure vessel, in which the steam gathers strength. And having no way to go, it will eventually blow up the whole vessel. As WfW comments: The more politicians attempt to regulate our thought words and deeds, the more chance there is of a tragic event like the Norway bombing and shooting reoccurring.

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12 Responses to Shutting the valves

  1. Thanks once again for link KV!

  2. Klein Verzet says:

    You're most welcome, WfW

  3. Morningstar says:

    Hylland Eriksen is a seriously scary person. I have previously read something about him. I can't remember what. Maybe it was about eugenics but they guy is seriously connected to the NWO nonetheless.

  4. Gary Rumain says:

    Eugenics has long been a libtard fantasy.

  5. Gary Rumain says:

    I don't think this is that big a deal. If Blogger shuts us down, so what? Those that don't know HTML will have a problem. For the rest of us, we can start up our own blogs on our own sites. Sure it will be more work but it will also be far more difficult for them to stop us. Using servers in countries frequented by scammers like some of the small Pacific nations, and we'll never be touched.

  6. The liberalleft are having a field day with this at the moment but in doing so havedropped the libertarian veneer and exposed their true red fascist hearts. Andwhat are they lining up for us? More EU and limitations of freedom of speech.All in our best interests you understand.Like abunch of teenagers who unexpectedly find they have the keys to the brewery theyare binging themselves uncontrollably. Tomorrow the hangover.   

  7. Note to self: learn HTML and stuff about proxy servers.

  8. Ferdy says:

    I just cannot understand how somebody who says he’s fighting totalitarianism and who obviously does not seem to be mentally restarted starts to massacre children. What on earth is this guy thinking that killing children will help his ‘cause’?On the other hand, the killer has said he hopped to kill the current prime minister with the bomb blast and kill the former socialist prime minister as well together white a whole new generation of socialist leaders. Was he thinking he could get rid of socialism by killing a few socialist? It just does not make sense to me?On the other hand I do have read comment on the interwebs were people called for violent revolution against the socialist, some wrote that they were waiting for the violent civil war. So maybe this seemingly intelligent psychopath might have though he was the right wing Lenin, the vanguard of revolution?So why did he not cite any writers of the violent propagandist? Good questions that are asked by Roland Shirk @ Jihadwatch:  

  9. Ferdy says:

    BTW: It’s also noteworthy that Anders Behring Breivik has provided all press photo’s him selves, thus all his known press photos are his propaganda. Like a real shahid he has really take care of his image. Did he study the jihadist a bit to much or what? But on a photo from a few years ago, he could be seen with a beard (I would say typical Scandinavian style). But unfortunately I cannot find that picture any more. Also his best childhood friend was a Muslim see: this with the fact that his father rejected him during his teen years and that makes him a pretty good candidate for conversion, as conversion most often go via family and friends. Not that he must be, it can also have led him to more insight in Islamic hostility. But as long we know so little about him, we should not totally eliminate this option either.For now my best guess is that he is a narcissistic and obsessed person who thinks he has started a millennialism movement. But why then does he not cite more radical and violent sources?

  10. Klein Verzet says:

    There's a number of things that don't quite add up with this Breivik character. His facebook page was only a week old. His twitter account not even that and contained only one single tweet. From all the sources he cites, he should be aware of the danger, the counter-productivity and the immorality of his actions. Yet, he went ahead anyways. It really is an enigma.

  11. Morningstar says:

    I don't know HTML so I guess I'll soon go offline then.

  12. Ferdy says:

    The photos, the manifesto, the Facebook and Twitter account, they have been excellent propaganda channels of the terrorist. All media published the photos that he himself wanted them to publish, nearly no other photo’s of him have appeared. The terrorist totally framed the image of him in the media.For this he also used Twitter and his Facebook page. Obviously this propaganda had to be published just in time otherwise they would have been able to stop the attacks. Question remains, how to explain the gap between his non-violent sources and his extremely violent actions and disregard for human lives.

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