Even the pretence seems forgotten

The following are a couple of stories, relating to the EUnion and its ever encroaching on our daily lives, that appeared in the British blogosphere.

Up first: The EUnion is set to subsume national coast guard forces into a EUnion coast guard, taking away national sovereignty over coastal waters:

WfW: There are none so blind as those who will not see, there are none so deaf as those who will not listen

Second: Remember what we wrote about the Dutch defence cuts? Flashback:

As we feared a month ago, ultimate goal of this exercise is to dissolve and dismember national armed forces and co-opt the remainder in a EUnion army. Now we only have to wait for some treaty or other setting up a joint HQ and chain of command. One that will undoubtedly remove the last bit national control from the armed units left and hand it over to Brussels.

And here it is: EU calls for joint military HQ.

EU foreign affairs and security chief Baroness Ashton will tomorrow present a proposal for a new permanent headquarters to “command and control” future civilian and military campaigns for EU members.

ANd if you’re wondering about the ‘civilian’ campaigns, the Albion Alliance provides the answer.

On June 9 – 10 2011, an International Meeting was held in Rome entitled: “Prevention and control activities carried out by the local police, current capabilities and future scenarios in Italy and in a comparative perspective”. (…)

Attention was focused on the various European Agencies such as Europol, Frontex, Eurojust and CEPOL. In particular, the importance of CEPOL was pointed out in relation to the training of the “European policeman” aimed at safeguarding EU citizen’s security.

Calling England noticed the same and is a bit worried and more then a little angry:

I don’t like it; I don’t like it at all. I used to talk of authoritarianism and communitarianism but we’re moving on now and wandering into the realms of a totalitarian fascist state. and it’s there for all who have eyes to see and ears to hear.

Look, delve, dig into archives and see how we’ve been corrupted; see how we’ve been betrayed by those whom we vote to represent us in Parliament.

And lastly, the EUnion has not yet given up on its ideas to levy taxes directly. From ATW: EU must be kidding.

At the moment 0.3 per cent of VAT in every pound spent goes directly towards EU funding. But Brussels politicians are planning to raise the levy to 1.3 per cent – and the cost will almost certainly be passed on to consumers if the plans are approved. The European Commission’s seven-year budget proposals from 2014 include controversial moves to step up Brussels’ direct revenue-raising powers, through a new EU levy on European banks – a ‘Financial Transactions Tax’ – and by increasing the EU ‘take’ from national VAT income.

What will it take to get rid of these monsters? WfW writes for a British audience, but as we are all in the post-Turnip EUnion now, his words are equally valid for this small, damp corner of the world: Unless the people of this nation immediately arouse themselves from their own self-centred little world, they will find in the not-too-distant future that they no longer have a voice, they no longer have a vote and they sure as hell won’t have a country to call their own.

It is all rather infuriating. But, tell me, dear reader and fellow compatriot: Have you seen anything about any of these stories in the Dutch press? Where the hell are they? These are arguably some pretty big stories. Coast guard, armed forces, police and taxes, the EUnion is set or in the process of usurping them all, directly diminishing the powers of our own national government and our own national sovereignty. One would think that merits at least a few tacit lines of press coverage.

In Britain they are not better or worse off then we are, except this: At least the MSM and blogosphere over there relate these stories. Here in Holland they don’t exist. Until such time we look up from our day-dreaming and find that what we thought was the order of things has been taken way from us, without even our own press sounding the alarm. Is then a Dutch journalist really nothing more then a political prostitute any more. Has even the pretence of being the watchdog for the people been forgotten?

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2 Responses to Even the pretence seems forgotten

  1. Thank you once again KV, for the link and the extract/quotation! Like you, I am getting a tad annoyed!

  2. Klein Verzet says:

    And thank you for reciprocating. Always a pleasure to read (and borrow) good writing.

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