Go, you. Read and understand

Over on Witterings from Witney: Really, we would just like to be left alone…

[W]e are being ground down, we are becoming demoralised, we are sinking into a state of apathy. Since 1997 this process of demoralisation has increased and at each step the British people have accepted it and not once fought back – had they, the Lib/Lab/Con would not have the stranglehold they do have on the political scene within this nation. Political manifestos are now mere works of fiction and bear no relation to what is promised and then actually delivered. The political elite have engineered a situation whereby the supposedly ‘free press’ is beholden to them for their income, hence the public cannot and do not learn the truth about the future and what is actually being planned for them. With the compliance of what is a ‘muzzled press’, alternative political views and polices are suppressed and do not receive equal coverage in the media. Coupled with that and by means of their cohorts in the press, the Lib/Lab/Con have conditioned the people that they and only they have the gravitas to govern us. In so doing they have also managed to negate the idea in people’s minds that, actually, we don’t need to be governed in order to live as a free people.

Some of the particulars in that piece are very British. But if we generalize it, that piece is very, very much applicable to all of us, sad little subjects of the Brussels Beast. Including its conclusion:

Just when will the population of this nation wake up to what is happening around them? We can discuss the merits, or otherwise, of small government and “Referism” all we like and for as long as we like, but if the people are deaf and blind, do not those of us who aren’t, not have a duty to force change, to stop what is no more no less than our own persecution? If that change cannot be effected through the ballot box, do we not have the right to resort to social disobedience, resistance and rebellion?

Go now, and read. Carefully.

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2 Responses to Go, you. Read and understand

  1. Klein Verzet, you do me a great honour by linking to my writing – Thank you greatly!

  2. Klein Verzet says:

    You are most welcome, WfW. Always a pleasure to pass on quality stuff.

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